New Salesforce Solution Helps Agents Resolve Cases Faster

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Salesforce has announced Unified Knowledge, a new solution that integrates organizational knowledge resources from disparate third-party systems into Salesforce, helping service agents be more efficient and resolve customer cases faster.

Coupled with customer data in Salesforce Data Cloud, this aggregated knowledge helps produce accurate, relevant generative AI content for service agents to deliver faster, more personalized customer experiences.

Why it matters: Seventy-nine percent of service organizations are investing in AI to support their agents. But 76% of executives struggle to scale AI effectively, largely because of disconnected systems and siloed data.

Go deeper: Built on the Einstein Trust Layer, Einstein for Service uses AI to improve service team productivity and customer experience. Historically, these outputs have been powered by the unstructured and structured customer data on Data Cloud.

With Unified Knowledge, these AI models are further informed by Salesforce knowledge articles and resources from third-party sources such as SharePoint, Confluence, Google Drive, and company websites.

This comprehensive data foundation grounds Einstein for Service and its generative AI capabilities to provide the right answers at the right time to agents and AI assistants.

Built through a strategic partnership with Zoomin, Unified Knowledge amplifies capabilities such as:

Knowledge Answers in Bots

Automatically generate answers to customer inquiries within a bot, based on a company’s complete internal and external knowledge base.

Retail customers, for example, can use bots to access knowledge and generate answers to questions that require information from third-party sources, such as clothing care instructions that come from a manufacturer.

Einstein Copilot for Mobile Workers

With Einstein Copilot and Unified Knowledge, mobile workers can ask a question and get an instant response, sourced from the full slate of a company’s organizational knowledge. For instance, if a technician is having trouble installing a dishwasher, they can chat with Copilot to troubleshoot the issue in real time.

Search Answers

Generate answers to both agent and customer questions grounded in a company’s trusted knowledge base and surfaced directly within a customer portal or agent console.

With this capability, a banking customer can search for and receive step-by-step instructions, sourced from multiple knowledge articles, to resolve issues such as cancelling a credit card or requesting a credit increase without any agent assistance.

In addition to Service Cloud, Unified Knowledge can also collect and integrate information into Salesforce Field Service, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud.

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Published On: 8th May 2024
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