Seat Utilisation

Saet Utilization
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Seat Utilisation

Can any one please explain me the calculation of Seat Utilisation % for a particular project
Ex : A Project running with 10 seats working 1 shift (9hrs = 8 hrs login + 1 hr brk).

Question asked by Santhosh

Seat Utilization

hi santosh

10 seats can be utilised for at least 20 people on two shifts.
it is even dependant upon your project.

With thanks to Hardip

Seat Utilisation


I wanted to know the formula to calculate Seat Utilisation %

Ex: seats alloted 28, std login hrs 3.83/agent (including breaks of 10 mins), No. of agents logged in 20, Actual login hrs 85 hrs
We Calculate Utilisation % as : Actual login hrs/(No. of seats alloted*std login hrs)

I would like to know the above mentioned is the correct calculation,
or if u have any other method please let me know

With thanks to Santhosh

Seat Utilisation


I didnt get any reply, for the question of Seat Utilisation, Can any one please help me regarding that

With thanks to santosh

Seat Utilisation%

Greetings Santosh!

What seat utilisation % – a Statistic, an Objective, or an Issue of Project Logistics, or a Performance Parameter?

What would be your requirement in real terms – there seems to be a cent missing in the percent factor.


With thanks to MAHIDHAR

Seat Utilization

Run your figures through Erlang Erlang Calculator

All you need to do is just punch in the required parameters.

With thanks to Gautam

Seat Utilisation

It’s a tough one, you will need to do some work on your KPI to ensure it is set at an appropriate level – after all 100% seat utilisation is bad if your requirements demand only 70%.
Depending on what you want to show you could report Max Seat Occupancy, or % of day the seats were full/oversubscribed, for a straight Seating Utilisation calculation it would only be fair to take the standard deviation down to the lowest resolution you can.
These measures should always be used in conjunction with other measurements, therefore you should make sure theres a real need for your calculation and your not unnecessarily reporting the same information in two ways.

With thanks to B

The difference between occupancy and utilisation

You may find this article of use

Thanks to Jonty

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