How to Calculate Required FTE for Inbound Call Volumes

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If you are looking for advice on how required FTE is calculated for inbound call volumes, look no further!

Here Jonty Pearce, Founder of Call Centre Helper shares his top tips and resources to help…

Look At Forecast Accuracy

If it is a forecast then it will be wrong.

That is the nature of forecasting.

You need to start tracking your forecast accuracy to see what your forecast accuracy is.

Read this article about calculating forecast accuracy: How to Calculate Forecast Accuracy

You can then model it to see if there is a better value. A lot depends on averages. If you use an average occupancy figure for the year, then you may well find monthly variances – as more people take holiday during the summer and more people get ill during the winter.

Calculate Shrinkage

Don’t forget to factor in shrinkage!

This article walks through all the steps on how to calculate shrinkage. It should help: What is Call Centre Shrinkage and How to Calculate It?

Don’t Assume All Tasks Are Evenly Distributed Across the Day

Don’t assume that all tasks are evenly distributed across the day. This is not the case and will leave you understaffed.

You need to factor in your desired service level…

…And Use an Erlang Calculator for Contact Centre Staffing!

Remember, a useful tool is the Call Centre Helper Erlang Calculator

Read More About Staffing on Call Centre Helper

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 2nd Jul 2024
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