Serenova Fully Integrates Quality Management With CxEngage

Serenova have unveiled their native, cloud-based, quality management solution CxEngage Quality Management (CxQM).

Fully embedded in Serenova’s CCaaS solution, CxEngage, CxQM captures the agent and customer experience across the contact centre to allow supervisors to monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of customer experience – all backed by the flexibility of the cloud.

A customer’s main point of contact with an organisation is often by interacting with the contact centre, which is why monitoring and improving agent performance has become critical.

However, supervisors are challenged with how to best oversee and address the myriad of interactions handled by their agents daily.

Given the scope and size of many of today’s contact centres, it is critical to not only document these customer interactions, but also to accurately evaluate agent activity to optimise performance.

Serenova designed CxQM to provide supervisors with a single platform to ensure agents adhere to internal policies and procedures and deliver the level of customer service that aligns with the vision and expectations of the business.

“We’ve long believed that as the customer experience becomes a greater focus in businesses of all sizes, the technology and tools that support these initiatives must also evolve,” said John Lynch, CEO of Serenova.

“For that reason, Serenova is committed to enhancing the capabilities of CxEngage to empower our customers to capitalise on market trends, ensure customer loyalty, and create a competitive advantage.”

“We acquired TelStrat, a leading WFO provider, to further augment our contact centre portfolio to keep pace with customer needs. Within months of that acquisition, we’ve been able to unify the power of our CxEngage with Quality Management.”

“CxQM is a critical milestone in delivering on our vision of providing a global, cloud-based platform to improve agent performance and, in turn, build better customer experiences.”

CxQM automates the QM process from start to finish, whether the agents or supervisors sit in the contact centre or are remote. CxQM is simple to navigate but robust enough to allow contact centre managers to:

  • Train and prepare agents to most effectively process customer interactions
  • Identify skill gaps and address deficiencies immediately for targeted training and coaching
  • Enable ongoing learning and skills management with integrated eLearning content directly assigned to agents
  • Monitor for adherence to scripting rules, company policies and quality standards
  • Ensure compliance and security standards through access rules and the ability to instantaneously stop recording

“Customer experience is only as good as the agent that provides the service, which is why QM has become one of the most important tools to improve customer experience,” said Leslie Blanke, vice president of Product Marketing for Serenova.

“However, to properly develop and mentor individual agents, supervisors must have the right data and analytics in hand to ensure they can identify areas of growth and improvement.”

“With CxQM, we are delivering that accurate, actionable data so our customers can measure agent performance, provide feedback, and enable one-on-one coaching to ultimately enhance the overall performance of their call centre.”

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Published On: 22nd Jun 2018 - Last modified: 10th Sep 2019
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