Sprinklr Redefines Customer Feedback Management

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Sprinklr has announced the launch of Sprinklr Surveys.

Built on Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform, Sprinklr Surveys marks the company’s entry into the Customer Feedback Management (CFM) market with an AI-powered survey offering integrated with unsolicited feedback sources to help customers derive actionable and complete insights.

“We continue to execute against our vision of a completely unified front office on the only Unified-CXM platform on the market,” said Sprinklr Founder and CEO, Ragy Thomas.

“Sprinklr Surveys will help enterprises redefine their CFM process by combining solicited survey feedback with unsolicited feedback and internal business data to derive meaningful, actionable insights.

Modernized surveys with conversational UI are the future of research and critical for brands that want to accurately capture feedback from customers.”

Challenges Faced by Customer Experience Teams

Sprinklr is entering the CFM market to address core challenges for enterprise business insights teams, including:

1. Traditional surveys are dated, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to secure sufficient quality responses to generate meaningful insights. A modern, AI-first approach is needed.

2. Surveys are often conducted on small datasets. Business insights teams would benefit from the ability to validate insights against larger unsolicited datasets. However, siloed solutions for solicited & unsolicited feedback limit comprehensive business understanding.

3. Closing the feedback loop from surveys requires multiple systems, leading to delays in issue resolution and a broken customer experience. A unified approach is needed to drive better business outcomes.

A Unified Approach Begins With Modernized, AI-First Surveys

Sprinklr will help enterprise customers address the challenges noted above with a new, unified approach for AI-first surveys that will help deliver improved response rates, better response quality, and, most importantly, reduced time to insights. Sprinklr Surveys offers unique capabilities, including:

1. AI-Assisted Survey Builder

Generative AI capabilities within Sprinklr help insights teams generate questionnaires in seconds. Creative AI helps teams style surveys automatically based on brand assets and guidelines. Combined, these features reduce onboarding time and time to deploy surveys.

2. Modernized Conversational Surveys

Replacing traditional forms, conversational surveys provide an interactive experience for respondents. Conversational surveys powered by AI also enable a new level of flexibility, as AI can probe unexpected results to help uncover unknowns and deeper insights.

3. Automated Insights

Using a combination of Sprinklr industry-specific AI and Generative AI capabilities, Sprinklr Surveys provides fully automated insights to help customers understand results (the what) and the root cause (the why). Automated insights reduce time to insights and make it easier to drive NPS growth.

4. Hypothesis Testing With Digital Data

Business insights teams can validate survey results by comparing to large volumes of unsolicited social and review data to confirm findings in a just a few clicks, all within the Sprinklr Survey platform. This gives teams greater confidence and improved actionability.

5. Unified Platform

Sprinklr Surveys integrates seamlessly with the Sprinklr Insights platform, helping users combine solicited customer feedback with CX data across more than 30 modern platforms.


Sprinklr Surveys is in limited availability – for more information or to set up a demo, visit their website or contact your Sprinklr team.

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Published On: 7th May 2024
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