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Sirisha Peters, the Multifaceted Maven weaving tales of triumph in the corporate realm. As a Columnist, L&D Professional, CX Specialist, and Leadership Trainer, she dances through the intricate rhythms of industry lows, orchestrating remedies with finesse.

Armed with a treasure trove of sales and business development wisdom gained over 19 years, Sirisha’s training strategies and materials are extraordinary, transforming learners into champions.

Her magic extends globally, where she has shaped minds in Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, and Namibia. With a degree in science, she defies the expected, infecting lives with her vibrant personality and zest for upskilling.

From Contact Centres to Corporates, Sirisha’s sought-after expertise paints success across Southern Africa, challenging norms and spicing up the business landscape with a symphony of creativity and linguistic mastery.

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