Talkdesk Releases Solutions for the “New Normal”

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Talkdesk have announced new solutions to address two significant challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic; Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan distribution and similar small business relief programs worldwide and the global administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

To facilitate the rapid and accurate allocation of PPP loans to the small businesses who need it most, and streamline the vaccination process worldwide, Talkdesk introduces its Small Business Lending Solution and its Vaccine Administration Solution, respectively.

A restart of the economy and return to a level of pre-COVID normalcy faces two considerable obstacles: ensuring the rapid dissemination of emergency capital to struggling businesses and efficient vaccine distribution to a vulnerable population.

Despite the urgency, current customer service processes are often inadequate to successfully execute critical programs of this logistical magnitude.

The first round of PPP loans in 2020 was beset by delays and errors while the current vaccine rollout has been slower than expected with some patients waiting on hold for hours to make an appointment.

The administration of such widespread programs involve a high level of complex coordination across multiple stakeholders. Active engagement and follow-up between institutions — lenders and borrowers, healthcare providers and patients — is crucial to success.

New technological solutions are needed to help the economic recovery with loans for struggling small businesses and to ensure the vaccine is delivered and administered efficiently.

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Tiago Paiva

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, driving innovation and competitiveness. Large financial institutions, community banks and even fintechs have the opportunity to rescue small businesses and save the economy through PPP loan distribution,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk.

“At the same time, healthcare providers have the opportunity to protect and save lives with the critical administration of the COVID vaccine. Talkdesk aims to support both of these vital efforts through the Small Business Lending Solution and Vaccine Administration Solution, with rapid deployment options available immediately.”

Talkdesk is helping financial institutions reimagine the borrower experience by reducing friction in the PPP loan distribution process. The Talkdesk Small Business Lending Solution is an end-to-end customer experience solution that streamlines the administration of PPP loans by banks, community development financial institutions (CDFIS), credit unions and small business lenders.

With secure and robust customer experience solutions from Talkdesk, loan application and distribution processes are more synchronized and efficient through improved borrower engagement.

The Talkdesk Small Business Lending Solution enables lenders to quickly stand up secure and dedicated contact centers in order to fast track the PPP loan application, approval and distribution process.

“Our experience applying for and receiving a PPP loan last year was frustrating due to process delays including long hold times and slow responses from the support centers,” said Scott Case, co-founder and chief executive officer, Upside Business Travel.

“Talkdesk’s announcement of its Small Business Lending Solution is exactly what lender contact centers need to quickly and efficiently handle PPP loan applications and distribute funds where they are needed most.”

The process of administering the COVID-19 vaccine is a monumental global task that requires proactive outreach and patient engagement at multiple levels in order to ensure efficient, safe and successful outcomes.

Vaccine administration adds new challenges for healthcare providers including outreach and education, increased call volumes, appointment management and ensuring completion rates.

The Talkdesk Vaccine Administration Solution is an end-to-end solution for expediting the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine by providers.

Flexible cloud solutions from Talkdesk are reimagining the patient experience by reducing friction in the vaccine administration process for healthcare providers and increasing patient access through easy, seamless and convenient patient communication.

Talkdesk is making its Vaccine Administration Solution free for six months to provider organizations and retail pharmacies administering the vaccine, with deployment available in as little as 24 hours.

“At Krucial Staffing, we depend on our call center to handle inbound requests for staffing needs including urgent deployment of medical professionals for emergencies such as natural disasters and other crises.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic created a massive demand for Krucial Staffing healthcare professionals, up to one million calls a day, which drove our need for a rapidly scalable solution to meet our skyrocketing call volumes,” said Brian Cleary, chief executive officer, Krucial Staffing.

“Thanks to our quick-thinking, fast-moving and well-informed advisors at PlanetOne we connected with Talkdesk. After a brief phone call and live, online demonstration, we made the decision to move to Talkdesk — if the solution could be implemented fast.”

“Talkdesk completed its implementation and go-live of more than 350 seats within three days, flawlessly.”

With Talkdesk Small Business Lending Solution and Talkdesk Vaccine Administration Solution, financial institutions and healthcare organizations have the ability to simplify the management of these complex interactions in a highly efficient manner.

Leveraging best practices and delivering enhanced customer experiences will positively impact business outcomes through the COVID crisis and extend well into the new normal.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 26th Jan 2021
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