The Rules of the Workplace

The 20 rules:

  1. Prioritise the work
  2. Don’t make your customers wait
  3. There is always more work than people
  4. Study the work
  5. Understand how the work works
  6. Standardise the work
  7. If the work is important write it down
  8. Train your staff
  9. Make the work easy
  10. Build systems
  11. Stream line the work
  12. Find the bottleneck
  13. Clean the workplace
  14. Make it obvious
  15. Remove the waste
  16. Communicate
  17. Look at the evidence
  18. Discuss the work
  19. Look after the workforce
  20. Persistence pays

And lest you forget

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Published On: 30th Sep 2015 - Last modified: 13th Nov 2018
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