Types of multi channel analytics

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Types of multi channel analytics

Multi channel analytics

Contact Centre Analytics solutions can solve the disparate data problem by collecting and linking customer interactions across the types of interactions outlined above.

The result is a set of aggregated data that can then be analysed to provide deeper insight for informed decision making.

Multi-Channel Analytics can combine and analyse customer data from direct (phone calls, chat, email) and indirect sources (social media) to deliver a unified view of the customer experience — even down to the individual customer level.

At the enterprise level, this multichannel analytics solution can deliver insights useful for fixing broken processes, identifying issues and opportunities, gaining competitive advantage, driving down costs, and more.

Speech Analytics

Mines recorded interactions to surface the intelligence essential for building effective cost containment and customer service strategies.

Text Analytics

Uses natural language processing to analyse customer communications from a variety of internal and external text sources, including chat, email, social media, and more.

Data Analytics

Leverages the structured data associated with recorded calls, including quality evaluation scores, to reveal specific scenarios that can help or hurt overall contact center performance.

Customer Feedback

Uses context-sensitive, dynamic customer surveys to capture information across different channels of contact. Can be used with Text Analytics to combine unstructured and structured data into the analysis.


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