Video – Are You Testing Your Numbers?

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Customers globally use toll and toll-free numbers to engage or buy services or products every single day.

This means contact numbers are mission critical, yet how do you test to ensure they are performing?  Network monitoring only covers your internal network, but what’s happening on the external side?

Thousands of calls fail to connect to your network and many calls connect successfully but poor audio quality prevents a conversation being conducted.

Companies like Spearline offer a solution to these problems, identifying critical global outages across in-country numbers in real time.

The platform conducts both automated and manual number testing by dialling in-country across SIP, PSTN and mobile with real-time reporting for immediate alerts on telecoms outages.

Outages are batch retested and human verified, ensuring you only receive genuine actionable alerts via our 24/7/365 test support.

However, the right solution will provide full call detail records (CDR) with call recordings to enable root cause analysis on each outage. This allows you to validate your in-country carrier’s service levels.

Spearline’s global points of presence are two-way, allowing you to generate test calls inbound to your contact centre or outbound from your contact centre to test callback or virtual hold functionality.

By proactively testing your numbers, you are the first to know of a telecoms issue and have the call details to resolve it, reducing downtime, building real business insights on number performance and, ultimately, saving you money.

To find out more, watch the video below:

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Published On: 1st Oct 2019 - Last modified: 4th Nov 2020
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