Recorded Webinar: How to Reduce Customer Effort in the Contact Centre

There is a clear correlation between loyalty and customer effort.

During this webinar we look at the practical steps that you can take to reduce customer effort in your organisations.

Topics Discussed

  • Customer Effort
  • The Customer Effort Score
  • The Best Service is No Service
  • Avoidable Contact
  • Reducing Repeat Contacts
  • Spotting and changing broken processes
  • Use of Self-Service
  • Improving Customer Service information on the web site
  • Quick Wins to reduce Customer Effort
  • The Role of Technology
  • Top Tips from the audience


    Peter Massey- Headshot
    Peter Massey
    Sundeep Boughan- Headshot
    Sundeep Boughan
    Rachael Trickey- Headshot
    Rachael Trickey
    Call Centre Helper

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