Recorded Webinar: The Latest Thinking on Contact Centre Metrics (2018)


Are you using the best contact centre metrics ? Are you measuring the right things, to improve performance.

In this webinar we look at the latest thinking on contact centre metrics and help you choose the best measurements for your organisation.

Topics Discussed

  • The Best Metrics for your Contact Centre
  • The Latest Thinking on Metrics
  • Using metrics to drive change and improve advisor performance
  • Customer Satisfaction CSAT and DSAT
  • NetPromoter Scores NPS
  • First Contact resolution FCR
  • Customer Effort Scores Customer Effort
  • Quality Scores
  • Average Handling time
  • Adherence and Shrinkage
  • Productivity metrics
  • The role of Technology
  • Top Tips from the Audience


Morris Pentel - Headshot
Morris Pentel
Customer Experience Foundation

Mike Murphy - Headshot
Mike Murphy

Rachael Trickey - Headshot
Rachael Trickey
Call Centre Helper

Published On: 24th Aug 2018 - Last modified: 28th Feb 2023
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