What Is a Simple Way to Ensure Customer Loyalty?


We asked our Twitter panel “What is a simple way to ensure customer loyalty?”

Ann-Marie Rapisarda ‏@AnnRapisarda


Always treat customers with respect by really listening to their enquiry/request and offer authentic responses every time.

Robert Lamb ‏@lambrobert


Analyse and optimise with the mission in mind. Don’t minimise your Average Handling Time (AHT) if your ideal is top Customer Experience.



Ask for #feedback – It’s the best way to understand how you can meet the needs of your #customers.


Julie Mordue ‏@JulieMordue

Employee engagement!

Sian Ciabattoni @noblesystemsuk


Think about which social media feed to use for which demographic, Facebook for public interaction, Twitter & LinkedIn for business interaction.

Netcall ‏@Netcall


Make it easy for customers to engage with you and achieve their goals. Reduce customer effort.


Genesys UK ‏@Genesys_UK

Don’t offer rewards to frustrated customers! They want help, not freebies.


NewVoiceMedia @NewVoiceMedia

Loyalty can be improved by offering customers a personalised experience.


James Lawther @SquawkPoint

Do what you say you are going to do.


LiveOps ‏@LiveOps

Know them, serve them and don’t waste their time!

Genesys UK ‏@Genesys_UK


Reducing customer effort builds loyal #customers. If they have to do all the work they won’t come back!

mplsystems ‏@mplSystems


Customers have the power to dictate the kind of service they want; businesses need to adapt strategies to embrace this.

Sabio Sense @sabiosense


Aligning experience offered to #customerexpectations is key. Better to be pleasantly surprised than a bit disappointed!


NewVoiceMedia @NewVoiceMedia

Treat them as individuals & understand their buying patterns/likes & dislikes.

Magnetic North ‏@MN_Cloud


Offer a personal experience. Use CRM integration and call routing to wow your customer and offer them a smooth process.


Akhilesh Kapoor @akhileshkapoor

Pricing, personalized advertising and reliable customer support.

mplsystems ‏@mplSystems


Loyalty improves when agents have tools such as agent desktops that let them look after customers properly #agentdesktop

Sabio Sense ‏@sabiosense


Investing in agents that bring the kind of emotional intelligence needed to really connect with customers. #customerservice


Very Good Service @verygoodservice

Deliver beyond customer expectations.

Genesys UK ‏@Genesys_UK


Personalise interactions & use your data to show a genuine interest in the #customer – they will keep returning.

mplsystems ‏@mplSystems


Spare customers from tedious IVR menus – give them a choice to progress using instant self-service channels #visualIVR

Genesys UK ‏@Genesys_UK


Listen to #complaints and use them to your advantage – They can help you learn what #customers don’t like so you can change.

Reactiv @ReactivMedia


Simply, be honest and open! Wear your successes and failures on your sleeve for all to see. Nobody is perfect!

PCMS Call Centre ‏@PCMSCallCentre


Maintaining quality & consistency across all contact channels. High service standards shouldn’t be limited to telephony.

Sian Ciabattoni @noblesystemsuk


Always respond quickly, personalise it so that they know you have read it & care about their issues, follow them & suggest a DM to resolve.

What do you think is a simple way to ensure customer loyalty?

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Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 25th Jun 2014 - Last modified: 19th Feb 2024
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  • Don’t make empty promises. If you say you’ll do it, do it.

    Stu 26 Jun at 12:20
  • I believe, a good response to the customer is the best loyalty to them. Every retailer should create trustworthiness with their loyal customer. It can enhance the sales obviously.

    Danial Lucas 6 Aug at 11:42