What Is an AI Contact Centre?

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Instead of relying on a traditional contact centre staffed solely by human agents, more companies across industries are turning to contact centres powered by agents and AI working together for customer satisfaction.

These advanced contact centres revolutionize and redefine how businesses interact with customers, handle inquiries, and improve their overall customer service experiences.

AI contact centres handle customer service inquiries faster and more efficiently than traditional ones.

AI-driven chatbots, virtual agents, sentiment analysis, and automation help businesses streamline customer inquiries, improve response times, personalize interactions, and improve the customer experience overall.

In this article, Celia Cerdeira at Talkdesk explores the key features and exciting benefits of AI contact centres.

What Features Does an AI Contact Centre Include?

AI contact centres offer various smart features to help brands automate their support services and assist customers. Let’s explore these features in more detail.

Generative AI That Improves Self-Service

Many consumers prefer to engage with self-service channels to resolve issues or questions. AI call centres make this possible thanks to automated capabilities like chatbots and conversational, interactive voice responses (IVR).

Companies can tailor these tools to suit their unique needs, even if they have little technical experience.

Chatbots simulate lifelike conversations with customers. They operate 24/7 to provide customers with responses to common questions, deliver consistent welcome and fallback messages, or transfer the customer and call notes to a live agent when needed.

Conversational IVR systems guide callers through menus using natural language processing (NLP), helping customers resolve issues or find information without speaking to an agent.

When synced with AI, these technologies can autonomously resolve many basic customer inquiries, leading to higher rates of first contact resolution (FCR).

Customer Insights Fueled by User Data

Contact centre AI software can also provide new insights about your customers. By capturing and analyzing interactions with customers, you can reveal key trends and topics, their sentiments about your brand, and their experiences engaging with your customer service channels.

Discover common pain points for customers and smooth the customer journey going forward.

Agent Tools for Helping Customers

Companies can leverage generative AI in their contact centres to assist both customers and agents. Generative AI can listen, learn, and deliver automated answers and recommendations to help an agent take care of a customer.

This process helps agents reduce after-call work and speed up their average handling times while improving their job satisfaction experience overall.

Custom Models for Every Technical Skill Level

Generative AI allows non-technical staff members to monitor and set boundaries for AI usage based on their company’s requirements.

Ensure the responsible use of the technology, helping agents avoid AI errors and safeguarding the brand against potential negative encounters.

This built-in visibility and ease of use enable brands to maximize their effectiveness and control outcomes across the contact centre environment.

AI Insights That Foster Continuous Improvement

Contact centre AI software continually monitors customer interactions, sentiments, call times, and other performance indicators.

Companies can use this data to drive improvement in the contact centre process and overall customer experience.

They can also use the data to help generate relevant new training materials for agents, identify areas for improvement, track and drive agent engagement, and reward exceptional agent performance.

Concise Messaging for Customers and Agents

AI contact centres offer precise answers tailored to specific channels or inquiries by connecting and consolidating knowledge base articles.

This process streamlines information access for agents and customers alike, as generative AI can integrate with existing workflows to provide answers to questions for internal teams.

Dashboards can help you measure, optimize, and eliminate any gaps within your knowledge base so you can ensure teams remain updated with the most relevant information for their role.

Scheduling Tools Optimize Your Workforce

Generative AI and automation can enhance your employees’ organizational capabilities. Automated tools can assist with the extensive multitasking required of contact centre agents and perform scheduling, administrative, and routine tasks.

Interactive data visualizations common to generative AI tools help managers identify opportunities to keep agents engaged and develop their skills.

Workforce Risk Management

Advanced contact centre AI software uses cloud-based technology to ensure compliance with company policies across the workforce.

By analyzing past activity patterns, this type of AI technology establishes a standard for user behaviors, identifies unexpected events, and suggests optimal actions to maintain contact centre security.

It can also reroute calls to agents with the strongest connectivity, and even alert agents who are partaking in non-compliant or abnormal behaviors on company time.

Customer Authentication Automation

AI contact centres can automate customer authentication by using voice biometrics, cutting down on spam calls, and helping to protect confidential business data.

Risk scoring provides agents with an idea of the potential risks associated with any given phone call, and agents can immediately know if the caller was flagged as a fraudster previously.

In addition to protecting customer data, automating these processes speeds up the authentication phase and contributes to faster issue resolution—and happier customers.

What Are the Top AI Contact Centre Benefits?

Because generative AI has a variety of use cases, it can offer many benefits for businesses that adopt AI contact centre technology.

Not least is the fact that AI contact centres provide customers with a 24/7 channel for issue resolution and give businesses a solution for the challenges associated with contact centre staffing.

Compared to traditional contact centres, an AI contact centre offers these advantages:

Improved Customer Service

AI utilization leads to faster response times and higher customer satisfaction. Chatbots and other contact centre AI solutions can provide customers with consistency, pre-drafted responses, and concise answers, while a live agent may vary in their responses, demeanor, and issue resolution speed.

In addition, AI-powered systems can handle routine inquiries and tasks, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues.


AI systems can quickly scale to handle fluctuations in call volumes, ensuring consistent service levels during peak times without additional staffing.

In contrast, traditional call systems that rely solely on live agents can only deploy as many agents as they have at their disposal at any given time, which can delay response times.

Personalized Interactions

AI can analyze customer data to personalize interactions and offer tailored solutions based on individual preferences and history, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Because of the call volume associated with traditional contact centres, live agents in those settings don’t have the time or information to provide a customized, memorable experience.

Data Insights

Contact centre AI solutions gather and analyze vast amounts of data from customer interactions, providing valuable insights into customer behavior, trends, and pain points.

These insights inform strategic decisions, help personalize interactions, and improve business operations.

While traditional contact centres may have some data available, AI-driven systems can investigate every interaction and customer touchpoint to provide much more granular insights and recommendations.

Risk Mitigation

Contact centre AI solutions can flag potential issues or anomalies in real time, helping to prevent fraud, compliance violations, or other risks to your organization.

In traditional contact centres, ensuring remote and in-person agents remain on-task and productive is much more complicated.

Consider Memorial Healthcare System, which chose an AI contact centre to help improve patient outcomes.

By leveraging generative AI, this organization can now deploy virtual agents that help patients schedule appointments, refill medications, and answer common questions about their medication or condition.

This easy access to medical information and scheduling helps their patients stay connected to the care they need without the time commitment of waiting on the phone with their pharmacy helpline, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

FAQs About AI Contact Centre Benefits

Looking for a quick answer about AI contact centres? Check out our FAQs below.

How Can My Company Improve Customer Self-Service by Using AI?

AI can significantly improve customer self-service at contact centres. While customers will always need to speak to human agents at times, self-service options let them solve issues independently, freeing up agents for more complex tasks.

With AI-powered self-service solutions, like conversational AI and voice recognition, routine inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently.

For example, if a customer wants to know store hours or check their account balance, AI can provide instant answers and direct them to the right resources in a knowledge base or FAQ section.

AI can also offer helpful options like in-queue callbacks, reducing wait times and improving customer experience.

Plus, AI analyzes customer interactions and generates reports to help refine self-service options continuously.

By identifying common questions, businesses can create better resources and ensure customers get the help they need faster and more efficiently.

Will AI Replace Human Contact Centre Agents?

AI will not replace human contact centre agents but will enhance what they can do. AI contact centre solutions are great for handling repetitive tasks and offering instant responses, which improves overall efficiency beyond what humans can achieve on their own.

AI call centres are still far from eliminating the need for human agents, especially for high-stakes conversations.

Essential human traits like empathy, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving skills remain irreplaceable.

Our vision is for contact centre AI software to work alongside human agents, augmenting their abilities rather than replacing them.

Throughout a customer conversation, AI can provide agents with real-time guidance, helping them tackle difficult questions and offering valuable insights.

This integration doesn’t just improve customer experience—it can also improve the employee experience, increasing job satisfaction in a high-turnover industry.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a harmonious blend of technology and human touch, ensuring top-notch customer service.

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