What Is QA and Why Does It Matter?


In this video, Chris Mounce at EvaluAgent defines quality assurance and explains why it matters.

What Is Quality Assurance and Why Does It Matter?

Think about the thousands of conversations that are happening between customers and agents, and what do we actually know about those conversations?

You know, how would you rate them? What are the great ones? What are the good ones, or frankly the awful ones?

Chris Mounce at EvaluAgent
Chris Mounce

The thing is, it’s important to know, because every poorly handled conversation presents risk to the business.

So to answer that question, we evaluate the quality of enough conversations against pre-set scoring criteria and then present the results and a report. And this is in essence quality assurance.

With thanks to Chris Mounce at EvaluAgent for contributing to this video

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Author: Chris Mounce
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 18th Sep 2023 - Last modified: 20th Nov 2023
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What Is Quality Assurance and Why Does It Matter?
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