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In this video Alex Mead answers the question of whether you can trust ChatGPT with your customers.

Can You Trust ChatGPT With Your Customers?

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Absolutely not. And let me tell you why. Because ChatGPT three, four, five, six, seven, is a very clever way of answering questions.

We can take information from infinite sources and give you a personalized, clever answer, but it’s not linked to the ERP (enterprise resource planning), the GDS (government digital service), the back-end platforms.

So these things will be good when it says, the next flight is at 9 a.m., the cost is this. We know who you are because you signed into our app. We’ve already validated. Would you like us to book that? And by the way, do you want your normal seat in the aisle, second or third row? And would you like the non-vegetarian option? That is when these things will be really slick.

But the better example, Where is my parcel? ChatGPT will be able to say, oh you’re talking about the order you made of these lovely red adidas shoes two days ago in size eight, Alex. And by the way, we saw the photos of you playing football with them. That’s impressive. But can it tell me where the blinking shoes are?

No, because it won’t be linked to the guy in the depot, the logistics who knows Ah they got lost in the caves, it’s now in that depot not that depot. So you can trust it to just be smarter with the information it has.

And if you think about my EPIC situation, what I think ChatGPT should be really slick at, is picking out okay that’s a situation because we understand the big picture, we understand the context, the words used.

We really need to hand that over to a human being now or do something different than every other. So that’s why I think it can help, in understanding the context.

But to get it to actually replace human beings, the dumb stuff, of course, you should be able to change annual billing date, all that stuff.

But the stuff we all get fed up with is, you know, when’s my parcel coming? Where’s the engineer? Why is this not working?

Maybe it can do some technical support fixes for some, but again, it needs to be linked to the back end, doesn’t it? From what I see from ChatGPT, yeah it can write code, it can really analyse data incredibly well, but it’s still not linked to the back end.

And that’s what’s wrong with chatbots, isn’t it? You can’t literally do something with the information. Hey, chatbot, change the delivery address from home to office. You can do that by going to our website. It won’t actually do it for you.

So you know of course I think in five years it will be amazing, but I think for now people are getting excited about it because they haven’t built the foundations. I’ve said, though, plug that in and off we go. And I think that could make things worse.

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Author: Alex Mead
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 27th Jun 2023 - Last modified: 15th Nov 2023
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