What Is Text Analytics?

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Text analytics is a computational field that draws heavily from the machine learning and statistical modelling niches, as well as the linguistics space.

In this space, computers are used to analyse text in a way that is similar to a human’s reading comprehension.

This opens the door for incredible insights to be unlocked on a scale that was previously inconceivable without massive amounts of manual intervention.

Text analytics is a perfect fit for areas in which information of value can be found buried under a large amount of less valuable information.

Researchers would normally need to engage in lengthy and extremely arduous discovery processes to unearth such insights from so-called “unstructured” text. This translates to high costs and low rewards on a regular basis.

Text analytics challenges such an approach by offering a viable means of doing the same without requiring human beings to pore over mountains of unstructured words, phrases and documents.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 9th Mar 2023
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