What is the Best Way to Improve First Contact Resolution?


We asked our Twitter panel “What is the best way to improve First Contact Resolution?”

mplsystems ‏@mplSystems

Agents spend 50% of their time switching between IT systems – apply a unified desktop, multi-channel customer service strategy to fix this.


Listen. Jumping to conclusions is something that can be easily and cheaply prevented, but will decrease your First Call Resolution rates quickly.

Carolyn Blunt @CarolynBlunt

Give agents regular feedback and coaching. Each should evaluate calls and compare notes to identify more First Call Resolution opportunities.


Give the agents all necessary authorization to create customer-focused solutions.

Magnetic North@MN_Cloud

Use skills-based routing to ensure your customers are matched with the best agent with the right skills for that call.

CCA Group@cca_group

Empower and train advisors with the knowledge to action the appropriate methods to resolve customers’ issues.

Aspect in Europe@Aspect_Europe

Get advisors to invest time in each contact to ensure satisfactory resolutions to queries first time.

Carolyn Blunt @CarolynBlunt

Have a good knowledge base. Ensure that it is easily searchable and up to date. Customers often know more than agents by accessing your website!


Match customers with the right agent with the right knowledge, first time.


Carolyn Blunt @CarolynBlunt

Empower agents to make decisions. Provide parameters and real examples of what you want and don’t want, then trust them.


Prepare your agents! Provide a single view of customer data to empower agents and improve customer satisfaction.

David St.J Richards ‏@dstjrichards

Excellent agent training.


Danny Singer@DannySinger19

The answer is simple: Well mapped customer interaction processes (scripts) integrated with enterprise systems.

Dan Rickwalder@wfmguru

Answer the phones in a timely manner, always, and the agent should have a smile, be well-informed and be empowered.


Deploy Live Chat! First Contact Resolution percentage goes through the roof.


Carolyn Blunt @CarolynBlunt

Improve FCR by training your agents properly, don’t just sit them by Nelly! Silently listening to calls is BOORRRINNNGG! And ineffective.

What do you think is the best way to improve First Contact Resolution?

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Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 26th Mar 2014 - Last modified: 21st Feb 2020
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  • Give the agents the necessary trainings, well defined procedures/flows and proper authorization to perform their task

    Maheswaran Pillai 28 Mar at 10:07