5 Operational Benefits of the CCaaS Subscription Model

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With the right provider for your business, moving to CCaaS is a no-brainer. Here are some fundamental reasons why you should consider the move to improve how your business operates:

1. Being Able to Do Better in Smaller Operations

The CCaaS commercial model brings enterprise-level functionality to smaller operations who were historically priced out of access to advanced functionality.

As long as your chosen provider has a proper enterprise-grade offer you can gain the technology advantage that a 1000-seat contact centre might have with as little as 50 agent positions.

2. Modern and Profitable SOPs

If you have a legacy ACD/dialer, your standard operating practice (SOP) is going to be predicated on the capabilities and limitations of your current platform.

Frankly, what worked for a siloed operation 10 or 20 years ago won’t work in a multichannel operation or an operation that seeks to maximise utilisation for skilled and expensive human agent resource.

Yes, you will need to operate in a different way when taking on a new contact centre solution, but the benefit of working with the best of enterprise cloud ACD today is that the SOPs you develop will work well now as well as in the future.

3. Automation Is a Mantra

If you’re deploying enterprise CCaaS, and not a CPaaS service with a basic ACD bolted on, automation is a key component of the solution. Consider service level management.

With a legacy ACD you’re likely to have either limited or no real-time automation of service level management, meaning this is a supervisor task.

An enterprise-grade cloud ACD has to have service level management built in to the ACD machinery. Like with predictive dialing, intelligent machinery can do a far better job than a supervisor can do through manual intervention. This frees supervisors to spend time on improving call quality, coaching and other things that lead to qualitative improvements.

With a robust enterprise CCaaS solution you should expect it to automate the following types of activities:

Multisession Behaviours

Some agents can handle many chat sessions, some are better with a few. Chat workloads differ depending on the service being offered. Management of this should be automated.

Blending Inbound and Outbound Workloads

The multisession landscape makes this more-or-less impossible for supervisors to manage effectively. It needs automation.

Peak Load Management

It doesn’t matter how effective your workload planning is. There will always be peak loads that exceed your staffing capacity. A mature operation will have strategies to manage this, but how do make the decision to turn queue-busting on or off? It isn’t enough to do this with X callers in queue.

The decision is predicated on what workforce and skills you have available at the time, other workloads on other queues and a host of other factors including what you do as part of your queue-busting strategy. Best results only come through automation.

4. New Channels Done Right

Multichannel operation has been around for some years, but as many users know, servicing through different channels requires a multi-faceted approach to service, which technology sometimes limits.

By working with the best of CCaaS platforms you will have the tools to be able to do the best job possible servicing all of your supported customer channels.

5. New Ways of Scaling

With a cloud service you can scale up and down on demand. This is obvious. What is less obvious is that with the right sort of cloud contact centre service, you can be more inventive in how you scale.

Enterprise customers may, for example, engage BPOs for campaigns or overflow work, and have the BPO agents work within the enterprise platform. This makes for better management and better outcomes when using outsourced contact centre labour.

There is a great deal of potential upside to CCaaS migration outside of the immediate bottom line. It does mean though that you have to take a long hard look at how your CCaaS provider can help you address your BPR needs.

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Published On: 21st Jul 2023 - Last modified: 25th Jul 2023
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