Using words and phrases that reflect common courtesy will keep customer–advisor interactions respectful and consequently improve rapport.


The average call centre only listens to and is capable of monitoring just 3 to 4% of its contacts. This white paper includes tips for how to take speech analytics further with contact analytics.

In this commissioned study, Forrester Consulting evaluate the shift toward proactive customer communication within a new omnichannel environment and identify the top benefits of proactively communicating with customers: Higher customer satisfaction, increased overall revenue, and increased cost savings.

Virtual assistants are playing an important role in digital commerce and customer care strategies, particularly for organisations looking to deliver engaging customer experience. This White Paper includes 6 aspects of virtual assistants, including key factors, successful deployments and ongoing support.

What can contact centres do to make themselves more desirable and ‘preferred’ places to work, with high staff engagement? This white paper looks at 20 strategies and initiatives to improve employee engagement in the contact centre.