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According to an article written by IDG news service, more and more companies are required to work in hybrid work.

Indeed, many employees like to work at home but also to come back on site. This is what we call hybrid work.

Leaders of several companies have noticed an improvement in the productivity of their teams at home. They have also noticed a reduction in major costs associated with the workplace.

For hybrid work to work in all companies, managers will have to redouble their efforts to provide a quality environment, both in the office and at home:

  • IT Is Going to Have to Provide the Right, Functional, Efficient Equipment with the right collaboration technology. Digitalization and automation of processes must be operational and secure. Employees will have to find their workspace as if they were present.
  • Time Slots for Discussion Will Be Set Up: once or several times a week, times will be dedicated as communication time between employees.
  • Collaboration Platforms Will Also Be Set Up: chat, video conferencing, drive…
  • Management Will Have to set an Example and solve the problems of inequality between remote and present employees. “If managers work remotely, everyone feels empowered to do so.”

It is therefore very important to integrate teleworkers into office life. For example, extending benefits to their home: occasional breakfast delivery, gym membership, sending small boxes of personalized treats…

Our ceBox solution can enable companies to install hybrid work. It allows centralized management of deployments, updates and security patches on 100% of workstations. The VMs are executed directly on the desktops locally; you have no server to manage.

It is possible to work remotely with a complete and secure environment on any device.

Productivity is not compromised. Quite the contrary. The ceBoxes do not experience any drop in performance due to the absence of fragmentation. In addition, there is a real time saving, thanks to the elimination of IT department trips. Thus, it is possible to concentrate on projects with higher added value.

Thanks to thisBoxOS, we are able to estimate a saving of 40% on your workstation management costs. It is also possible to make energy savings of up to 80%.

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Published On: 4th Oct 2021 - Last modified: 5th Oct 2021
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