A Ready-Made Customer Satisfaction Survey Template


Frequently you need to send out a customer satisfaction survey to your customers to find out how well you are doing.

Rather than having to reinvent the wheel Dave Appleby has created this ready-made list of questions that you can use to survey your customer base. 
It could be printed out, or it could be sent by email.

If you find this survey useful please let us know and we may be able to make up a ready populated Excel version.

Dear xxxxxx

Recently you contacted xxxxxx.

We are currently running a review of our business practices and systems and are hoping you can help us improve our performance by answering a few quick questions.

Please answer the following questions on a scale of 1-5:

Very Un-
Q1) Were you happy with the way your call was answered?
Q2) Were you happy with the speed your call was answered?
Q3) Was the agent able to answer your query?
Q4) Was the information accurate?
Q5) How would you rate the overall call?

Please answer the following questions with a Yes/ No

Yes No
Q6) Was this the first time you have contacted us? Y/N
Q7) If you have contacted us before, on how many occasions?
Q8) Which other communications channels would you use?
i) email
ii) Interactive voice
iii) Web chat
iv) SMS
Q9) If you requested literature did it arrive as promised? Y/N
Q10) Would you recommend us to others? Y/N

Do you have any comments that you would like to add?

Comments go here

Please return the survey to …

If you would like to discuss our service further please fill in
your name and number and a convenient time of day below and we will
be happy to contact you…

Name (optional)
Contact number (optional)

Thank you for your time.

Dave Appleby

Dave Appleby has been working as a planner, forecaster and analyst in the contact centre industry for the  last 11 years, having been a chef in a previous life. Starting off working on the phones for the launch of a Grocery Home Shopping service, he has worked for a variety of in-house and outsource operations including Disneyland Paris, Seeboard, GIftaid, GM Finance and the Daily Telegraph. A keen diver (both instructor and cave diver), Dave is currently a senior analyst for a large UK insurance company.

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 18th Feb 2009 - Last modified: 2nd Mar 2020
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  • Just to prempt the comments.

    Yes I know Q7 can’t be answered yes or no….

    Mea Culpa….

    Dave Appleby 18 Feb at 15:18
  • Well spotted Dave.

    We have been in and edited the table.

    jonty pearce 18 Feb at 16:19
  • HiDave,
    Wondered if you could help guide me to set up an agent planner for Peterborough City Council call centre that has 28 Agents, some work flexi time and some part time. What type of calculations should I use apart from call time plus write up time X call volumes? Any advise would be much appreciated.
    Thanks Barbara

    Barbara Kelly 22 Dec at 10:57
  • Hi Dave,
    I am sales coach in mortgage based inbound contact centre. Our agents do upselling when cleints call in for mortg related queries. Our quality team has grid which includes feedback.but need sales grid instead. heres what my manager doeast want: to have feedback papers(but needs me document each feedback given to an agent). so i want have 1 feedback sheet per day(which includes acknoldegement from all agents who were given feedback on that particular day)and would like to maintain call monitoring data as soft copy with me. waiting for your reply.Merry Christmas!

    shilpa 24 Dec at 15:13
  • Hi Dave,

    Are there any email customer satisfaction survey templates that you have?


    Matt 7 Jun at 14:20
  • Hi Dave,
    Wonder if you could help me with a similar questionnaire to assess client VOC for debt recovery on financial products like credit cards,loans etc.This survey form would be sent to the client to receive feedback on services and understand further expectations.


    MD 21 Dec at 09:21
  • I would also mention (as this is a call centre forum) that automated telephone surveys can also be used for capturing real-time customer satisfaction feedback such as this. However, you would be wise to trim the length of the survey to make it more acceptable to customers, so a service that can cycle questions automatically, would ensure you achieve the feedback capture across multiple callers.

    Alan Weaser 17 Jan at 21:53
  • This is a good typical Voice process feedback, but what if the feedback needs to taken for an Email process.

    What should be the questions to asked in that?

    Prabhat 9 Dec at 17:24
  • Hi Dave, can you send me a copy of this template which could be editable. Thanks in advance.

    Diane 13 Apr at 13:52
  • i just want to ask, what are some questions that can be answer by both employees and customers/client about 1. Professionalism, 2. Integrity, 3. Service Commitment. it’s for our thesis. Thanks.

    Mary Marilyn Quisay 5 Dec at 01:30
  • I’m not sure how easy it is to have the same qestion for both advisor and also for customer. In terms of customer questions
    1. Professionalism. How professional was the advisor that you spoke to today? – Scale of 1-5 . Or Did the advisor deal with you in a professional way? Yes/No/Not sure.
    2. Integrity. Not sure on what you are looking for on this one.
    3. Service Commitment. Did you feel that the advisor understood your question. or Did the advisor resolve your problem.

    Jonty Pearce 12 Dec at 17:24