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In the second release of a new series capturing NatWest’s QStory experience, Simon Separghan, Former Managing Director of Customer Experience & Contact at NatWest, discusses how QStory’s agent app informs and empowers colleagues to make their own decisions, from requesting shift swaps to booking holidays.

One of the key differences between QStory and perhaps what our colleagues, and the industry, have seen previously is the ability to integrate real-time AI, but to give that information to colleagues.

The real wow factor for the colleague app is about putting all of that data, all of that insight, all of that analytics, in the palm of colleagues’ hands, so they can be much more informed, empowered, and actually make different decisions about what they do, and how they do it.

The ability then to do everything from requesting a shift swap, to making sure they had the right holidays booked in, and changing those details dynamically, was just incredible.

No more logging into the system, no more form filling, and in our cultural transformation of really optimizing digital experiences, we’ve got a really good deal between what we’re doing for our customers and what we’re doing for our colleagues.

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QStory QStory are the pioneers of Intraday Automation (IDA). Their mission is to create a better everyday life for customer service professionals by helping them to work in a happier, more engaging and productive environment.

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Published On: 18th Jun 2024
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