Alfa-Bank Bolsters Its Contact Centre Security

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NICE announced that Alfa-Bank Russia has deployed its Real-Time Authentication (RTA) solution, enabling seamless, instantaneous verification for its customers.

A leading universal private bank in Russia, Alfa-Bank now authenticates clients calling into the contact centre in real time and without any need for codewords or additional questions.

NICE RTA, which includes Proactive Fraudster Exposure and Watch List capabilities, confirms customer identity in seconds, thus securing operations for the bank while allowing customers to quickly proceed with banking needs.

“The introduction of voice biometrics in our call centre significantly enhances the security of many operations,” said Olga Aslamova, Head of the Remote Client Support Department at Alfa-Bank.

“This is especially important at a time when most clients prefer to receive all services remotely. If a client has passed a biometric impression with us, then even a compromise of the codeword – and scammers are good at stealing such information from clients – will not put a person’s money at risk.”

Alfa-Bank is the largest universal private bank in Russia. With a customer base of 550,000 corporate customers and 16 million individuals, Alfa-Bank combines digital innovation with an effective physical network.

Without giving up live communication with customers, the bank is developing “departments of the future” with recognition based on biometrics and geolocation.

Earlier in 2020, Alfa-Bank also announced its use of NICE Nexidia Analytics and NICE Quality Central to improve experiences.

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“Protecting remote banking customers from increasingly sophisticated fraudsters is more critical than ever,” John O’Hara, President, NICE EMEA, said.

“Financial institutions such as Alfa-Bank understand that protecting customers and operations is just as important as ensuring the experience is seamless and instantaneous.”

“We’re excited to play a key role in helping Alfa-Bank nurture customer trust and provide service at the highest levels of excellence.”

NICE Real-Time Authentication and Fraud Prevention provides end-to-end authentication and fraud prevention for contact centres. Based on voice biometrics, it automatically verifies the caller’s claimed identity within the first few seconds of a call through natural conversation with an agent.

Leveraging its unique Single Voiceprint capability, RTA uses the same voiceprint across channels, allowing effortless authentication in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or mobile application as well.

Based on unique machine learning technology, the Proactive Fraudster Exposure capability allows contact centres to automatically prevent fraud before it happens by proactively identifying previously unknown fraudsters and blocking them from committing fraud.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 22nd Oct 2020 - Last modified: 27th Oct 2020
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