Are You Capturing Customer Details Accurately?

Postcode Anywhere explains why you should care about capturing customer details accurately.

1. To improve your customer experience

The shift from traditional metrics such as average handling times towards more customer-centric measurements such as satisfaction ratings, shows the importance of the call centre as a touch point in the customer’s purchasing process.

In the majority of cases, the call centre is the only human interaction a customer, or potential customer, will have with your organisation. A good experience can lead to repeat purchases and new customers. A bad one can lead to a public slating on social media and lost business.

Capturing customer data accurately will always make a positive contribution to the happiness of your customer. Nobody wants to check the status of their order and be confronted with the status ‘Possible Delay, Incomplete Address’.

Spend ten minutes on Twitter and you will find examples of annoyed customers who can’t make a purchase because their address cannot be found.

2. To avoid costs associated with incorrect or incomplete customer details

Incorrect address details can result in costly mistakes, from the cost of dealing with returned mail, to the cost of paying for something to be redelivered. And it’s not always about money.

“The service allows our call centre management operatives to be more efficient and productive and mitigates the risk of tickets being sent to the wrong address,” said Andrew Gilligan from Manchester City Football Club. “This is not only costly, as we have to rectify the problem, but can be emotionally devastating for our fans.”

3. To learn about your customers (and make your CRM manager happy)

Data analysts and marketing teams across the land are forever battling with massive holes in their customer data.

Call centre teams are in a prime position to get the data right at the source, avoiding costly data cleanse projects further down the line. If nothing else, do it for your CRM manager. I promise you they will be eternally grateful.

4. To help reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)

Even in small teams where calculating average handling times may not be a priority (or a possibility), most telesales execs would be able to reel off a list of things that slow down their day; flipping between different computer systems, spending time finding out the answer to enquiries, slow-loading websites… the list goes on.

Dealing with incorrect addresses and manually typing them out can lead to increased call times. Having simple technology that allows call centre operatives to speed up the process of data entry will help reduce time spent on the phone.

5. To contribute towards the success of future sales and marketing campaigns

The more data you have attributed to your customers, the more effectively your marketing team can segment the data and run targeted campaigns.

Whether it’s to divide your customers up by sales territory, or by locality, having accurate addresses to do so is great place to start.

Using an address look-up tool in your call centre not only helps you capture customer details accurately, it also helps improve the user experience by speeding up the process of taking address details over the phone.


Published On: 8th Oct 2014 - Last modified: 13th Nov 2018
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