Aspect Software Announces WFM Integration With Amazon Connect

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Aspect Software has announced the integration of Aspect Workforce Management with Amazon Connect.

The integration gives Amazon Connect users all the advantages of Aspect’s market-leading workforce management solution, including accurate labour forecasting, flexible staff scheduling, intra-day performance tracking and a wide range of insightful staffing reports.

Aspect Workforce Management (WFM), recently named the North America leader in Pelorus Associates’ 2018 Workforce Management Systems Market report, can operate with Amazon Connect as an on-premises solution, privately hosted, or on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Mike Bourke

“The integration with Amazon Connect creates a fantastic growth opportunity for Aspect and for Aspect Workforce Management,” said Mike Bourke, SVP, Product Management, Aspect Software.

“Not only does this solution add scheduling, adherence, and an industry-recognised UI to Amazon Connect, but it can also introduce the Aspect brand to new organisations who are not familiar with the award-winning capabilities of our platform.”

Aspect’s Amazon Connect integrations extend the cloud-based contact centre functionality provided by Amazon Connect with popular services and solutions from AWS Partner Network (APN) members. They are designed to be seamless and can quickly be deployed in a few simple steps.

Core Capabilities

Aspect Workforce Management software’s core forecasting, scheduling and tracking capabilities are designed to:

  • Allow organisations to accurately project future staffing requirements
  • Support customer demand and back-office task completion
  • Create efficient multi-skill staffing plans
  • Evaluate schedule efficiency
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Adjust resources to meet changing demand in real time

The key components of the Amazon Connect integration include the following:

Forecasting: integration delivers to Aspect Workforce Management information to build forecasting models which are the engine behind efficient and powerful predictions of current and future staffing needs.

Agent productivity: integration delivers information on agent activity, analysis, and for comparison with assigned activities, to provide insight into causes of adherence issues and improvement opportunities.

Real-time adherence: provides Amazon Connect agent state change information to the Aspect Real-Time Adherence (RTA) product, which enables contact centre managers to monitor activities of agents on Amazon Connect and see how well these activities adhere to the agents’ schedules.

Aspect Performance Management: (APM) is a reporting and analysis solution that can surface valuable insights and align individual goals with enterprise strategic priorities at every level of the organisation.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 30th Nov 2018 - Last modified: 4th Dec 2018
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