Top 10 Contact Centre Software and Technology 2017 – The Results


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Here are the results of the 2017 Top 10 Contact Centre Technology Awards. Here are our most recent award winners.

  1. NewVoiceMedia – ContactWorld
  2. InVision Software Ltd. – injixo WFM
  3. Noble Systems – Noble Enterprise Contact Centre Solution
  4. Bright UK LTD – Bright Navigator
  5. CallMiner – CallMiner Eureka Xchange
  6. Scorebuddy – Scorebuddy QA
  7. mplsystems Ltd – IntelligentContact
  8. NICE – Workforce Management
  9. Rostrvm Solutions Limited – rostrvm
  10. Plantronics – EncorePro 700 Series

Thanks to the 1,040 people who voted. It makes these the most impartial of all the contact centre technology awards.

The Top 10 Contact Centre Technology


Product Name: ContactWorld

Brief overview of product: NewVoiceMedia’s premier product ContactWorld is a multi-tenant global cloud contact centre and inside sales solution that enables organisations to have more successful conversations.

The intelligent communications platform helps organisations worldwide build a more personal relationship with every customer and prospect. It joins up all communications channels without expensive, disruptive hardware changes and plugs straight into the business’s CRM platform for full access to hard-won data. With a true cloud environment and proven 99.999% platform availability, NewVoiceMedia ensures complete flexibility, scalability and reliability.

NewVoiceMedia integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, the world’s fastest-growing CRM software, and is the highest rated partner on the Salesforce AppExchange, scoring a perfect 5 out of 5 rating from nearly 300 users worldwide.

In late 2016, NewVoiceMedia was positioned as a ‘Challenger’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service, Western Europe.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld is a multi-award-winning true cloud solution with no need for downloads/plug-ins or expensive integration with on-premise equipment, saving both time and money.

ContactWorld has the strongest Salesforce CTI integration on the market. With its open APIs, accessing customer data from any Salesforce deployment is easy, including from third-party apps on an individual client’s CRM system. This allows the creation of intelligent call routing structures based on all customer data held by a client. Better customer satisfaction is the outcome, as ContactWorld delivers calls to the most appropriate agent in the fastest possible time.

Intelligent IVRs, using the same CRM data, reduce queue times and allow self-service. Automatic screen pops make it much easier for agents to complete ID&V and give an efficient welcome to customers. Call logging is automatic, saving valuable wrap time and agents are automatically put into the right state to take calls.

Clients love NewVoiceMedia’s global capability. The platform lets them use a single call plan to control their global contact centre assets. By enabling the application to use telephony servers in remote geographies, clients can configure and manage their global contact centres more effectively through a single central touch point.

This allows better management of peak periods and agent shift changes in individual regions as the intelligent overflow capability automatically routes calls to centres with spare capacity, no matter what their location. The benefits are reduced customer wait times while audio quality and service availability is boosted for calls in remote regions.

For inside sales, NewVoiceMedia’s global calling plans are easy to set-up and improve income to cost ratios significantly. Click-to-dial functionality, automatic dialling of dynamic lists and a local number presence drive inside sales success. Integrated marketing automation provides qualified leads.

Managers benefit from gamification tools, real-time analytics, fast and easy to access call recording and WFM APIs that optimise scheduling – across any global contact centre estate.

The software is always up to date and there is no requirement for IT specialists: ContactWorld is easy to manage through the Contact Pad. NewVoiceMedia also provides dedicated support, available 24/7 around the world.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Approximately 343 businesses in the UK.

Typical customers: Canadian Cancer Society, Ebury, EposNow, JustGiving, Lumesse, MobileIron, PhotoBox, Quintessentially, RAC, Siemens, Time Inc, Vax

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Price determined by functionality/services required.

Comments from our readers:

“NVM have integrated seamlessly into a number of complex and varied Salesforce integrations over the past 2 years. They have one of the strongest relationships and presence internally and are a reliable team to work with.”

“Ability to rapidly deploy telephone technology to new global teams without leaving the office.”

“It has changed the way we do business and the support team are extremely helpful.”

“We’ve been working with NewVoiceMedia as a marketing partner for around 4 years now, and the product continues to grow and develop to suit the consumer’s needs and anticipate new pain points. All marketing collateral is truthful, honest and backed up by stats; NewVoiceMedia is a great product that’s worthy of the praise it receives!”

“All marketing collateral is truthful, honest and backed up by stats; NewVoiceMedia is a great product that’s worthy of the praise it receives!”

“It dramatically improves the customer experience for the end user”

“This product is user friendly for both the representatives and those in supervisor/admin roles. This product has aided in making us a more efficient help desk. We are resolving cases faster and with the best service possible. The simplicity of the main menu/IRV, leads to the customers reaching the right person the first time without having to remember extensions or names. If there is a feature you would like to know more about they have a healthy knowledge base/documentation, regular webinars to attend or solid support and account management teams.”

“I don’t feel like an undervalued customer, I am a partner with NewVoiceMedia. They have a great culture and work to understand my needs and help me to deliver real commercial and customer value to my business.”

“It just makes Omni channel interactions a reality and with that goes the ability to use WFM across Omni Channel”

“It’s a very flexible software and fully integrated with”

“Amazing customer service”

“Flexibility being cloud-based”

“Easy to use. Offers reports and statistics needed to improve and promote our service. The high level of support offered by the customer support team.”

“It can do no wrong and the customer support available is impeccable.”

“The intelligence behind the tool – it really is seamless communication. “

“Makes my life as a sales person that much easier as my calls are now all logged in Salesforce.”

“Ease of Use. Support/Help is first class. No waiting around – instant help and solutions”

“Very tailorable and easy to administer.”

“Call recordings are instantly posted directly inside the relevant contact for full 360 overview of all calls to that customer.”

“100% works as described. Very fast innovation.”

“Life cycle of marketing, sales & service all integrated on the cloud “

“IVR is easy to manage. Good chart to view the flow.”

“Integration with our CRM to give the customer the best possible experience”

“All parts of the business use it so information can be shared.”

“The visualisation aspect to the call routing maps.”


“It works!”

How could the product be improved?

“I have seen the roadmap and they have the right plans in place for everything that I need.”

“The product just needs to keep up with the evolution of the Salesforce platform as it grows and changes.”

“Keeping the technology updated in parallel to new things on the market”

“Speed the fantastic looking roadmap up and have updates coming through monthly.”

“Pre-canned configuration/ copy functionality”

“The fact that it gets 3 releases a year keeps it current and updated”

“The dialler.”

“Calls occasionally drop”

“Call routing sometimes goes awry”

“I would like to see more reporting options (this may be limited because of my package)”

“Easier terminology and not all in acronyms.”

“The UI of the admin portal could be more fluid.”

“Flexibility for bespoke call centres not large ones.”

“Some wallboard functionality but nothing major!”

“Continued development as technology evolves”


“A sexier UI (at least the underlying architecture is solid)”

“A wider CRM partner base”

“More features to the CTI adapter.”

“Provisioning and de-provisioning of users in a friendlier matter”

“There’s always room for improvement no matter how good you are.

“In the case of NewVoiceMedia, additional efforts could be made to further improve the real-time view. In particular, allow users to consolidate multiple queues/UCDs into a single master view. The ability to see all skills of a certain agent at a glance and with only one click will also be quite useful.”

“Perhaps some of the reporting could be way more automated.”

“Grouping the special days (Bank holidays) in one go rather than ticking each bank holiday.”

“Additional functions on the Omni Channel features.”

“A mobile optimised app”

“Being able to put multiple agents in and out of a queue at once”

“I would like the Special Days feature to allow us to create our own special days, not just those defined by the normal bank holidays”

“Release the Voice intelligence sooner :)”

“So far so good. No faults spring to mind.”

“Happy with current level of development but the more it integrates with other systems the better”

“Look forward to new development…. would wish this was faster “

2. InVision Software Ltd.

(NOTE: The company name was previously injixo Ltd. It was renamed to match the parent company InVision in late 2016).

Product Name: injixo WFM

Brief overview of product: Award-winning cloud WFM application for call centres and contact centres – £9/user/month, all-inclusive.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? injixo is a true cloud application. There is no need for a capex budget, no need for a heavy IT project, no servers to buy and maintain. There is no annual big-bang update – new features are available to every customer as soon as they are released.

Comprehensive onboarding support – you can log in within hours of signup and then experience an setup process that has been refined and proven over 200 installations worldwide.

injixo is Software-as-a-Service and costs just £9/user/month with no hidden extras and no setup fee.

The functionality is more than comparable with the expensive big-ticket vendors. Check out our powerful forecasting, multi-skill scheduling and smartphone-friendly agent portal – request a demo via our website

injixo is monthly pay-as-you-go – you pay for just what you use and can exit anytime.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: More than 100, ranging from 30 to >2,000 agents

Typical customers: injixo has customers across all industry sectors;
Healthcare: e.g. Appello, Care UK
Insurance: e.g. Axa, AllClear, Sun Life
Outsourcing: e.g. Capita/Southwestern, Echo Managed Services, VoxPro
Public sector: e.g. Hampshire Council, North Tyneside Council
Retail: e.g. Harvey’s Furnishings, Hotter Comfort Concept, Specsavers
Technology: e.g. Avast Software, Miele, TomTom
Telecoms: e.g. Carphone Warehouse, Truphone
Utilities: e.g. Opus Energy, Sutton & East Surrey Water, WaterPlus

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £900 per month, all-inclusive

Comments from our readers:

“When we first looked at injixo, we thought that there must be some sort of catch to it. The price seems too good to be true, and undercuts the market leaders, with much better functionality in most cases.”

“I love the flexibility that this product gives us and the support from team and community is amazing. We get quick feedback always from people who are very knowledgeable.”

“I would and have recommend this product to any WFM team that is out there.”

“injixo is a great product and makes our work life easier and less stressful. It is user-friendly and I love the built-in tutorials that are available from agent-lever to Scheduler.”

“I like that the data comes through in real time and we can schedule for all activities and workload types. I like the forecasting section and the fact that you can pull every type of report that you want when needed.”

“The community section is a great help because if you have problem you can usually find it in the community section, or you can raise the question and expect a timely response.”

“I first implemented this for a NHS 111 project back in 2013 – and the cloud based approach to WFM was genuinely ground breaking at that time. It has forced the rest of industry to change the way the position their traditional offerings.”

“Very good forecasting possibilities, simple and clear in use. Personal service they offer is very good.”

“All the learning is online and always available.”

“The injixo team are always on hand to answer any questions.”

“Easy to use, reliable, fast and proactive support.”

“Training progress recording. injixoME is simple for users.”

“Its ease of navigation”

“I like the forecasting tools and it’s very user friendly. I also like the learning tool on it, since you can always refer to it any anytime.”

“The in-depth explanation of all topics and the extensiveness of the course assessments.”

“It works similar to Excel. Easy to use”

“Scalability, cost, adaptability, speed to deployment.”

“The manipulation & reporting features really do the trick”

“Able to get everything you need in a short time frame.”

“Fantastic forecasting functions and historic data analysis with graphical presentation”

“How clean and easy to use it is. Quick forecasting ability and multi-skill optimisation.”

“The UI is better than any WFM software out there”

“The support we receive is what sets injixo apart from any other provider we use. Between the tutorial videos, online learning material, Q and A function and direct support from their team, we never feel lost or stuck.”

“It’s available via internet at all times “

“It’s accurate and user friendly”

“The efficiency and ease of monitoring agents’ schedules, with the breakdown of tiers and the flexibility and ability to make shift changes. The product is easy to use and clearly defined to the least tech savvy client.”

“Fast implementation, fair licence construction”

How could the product be improved?

“Can’t see where you need to improve”

“I think that there have been really good suggestions put through online, however there has been no update on what’s happening with these ideas for a while.

“I believe injixo is great however if scheduling could be accessible from different browsers that would be ideal. Also, when agents send requests on injixo I believe the WFM team should receive auto-emails to advise them of these requests i.e. shifts swaps and leave”

“I wish there was a way you could filter out staff that are away on leave in the shift centre view”

“Automatically approval of leave requests would be very useful”

“Holiday booking in hours rather than days”

“More flexible group bookings.”

“The option to optimise just 1 person rather than everyone every time.”

“The connection between various parts of the system could be easier to manage. “

“The product is currently restricted to IE11 for the WFM functions, and it would be nice in the future if this was available on multiple platforms.”

“I think it would be useful if there will be a function for the reports to be exported to Excel sheet instead of HTML. “

“Being able to come back to an exam so that even if it time-outs, you can still proceed with where you left off.”

“For exporting schedule details, I hope it can show both start and end time on one go instead of doing it twice to have both details on.”

“Multiple changes without saving each time”

“Needs a lot better real time agent adherence interfaces. Cannot integrate with some ACDs.”

“Meeting Planner to take into account resource requirements/ Service levels”

“Maybe see other colleagues shifts “

“Be able to put own shifts up for bid “

“Holiday’s year to be adjust to your companies holiday year i.e. Oct – Sept not Jan – Dec”

“Browser support, extensive debugging, speeding the product up”

“injixo offers a lot, however things like the meeting planner should be improved, also, there should be an activity report that should show a scheduled activity for a person, for every time he/she is scheduled for the activity. Small things that can make a planners life easier. Still, 5 stars.”

“One area there could be improvement is the reporting for forecasts. It feels like our current solution is a bit tedious and could be streamlined. Besides that, we are very happy with the service.”

“The information being more accurate as compared the other software that provide the same information.”

3. Noble Systems

Product Name: Noble Enterprise Contact Centre Solution

Brief overview of product: The Noble Enterprise Contact Centre Solution is tailored to meet each client’s unique business needs. Noble offers a unified suite of inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel communications, strategy planning, and resource management tools for companies of all sizes, from enterprise organisations to small and mid-sized businesses. Our Premise, Cloud, and innovative premise/cloud hybrid platforms include ACD, predictive dialling, blended omnichannel processing, compliance, recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, interaction analytics, campaign strategy and decisioning, compliance, and workforce management.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? Noble Systems’ enterprise-class, state-of-the-art technology solution offers the best value and most features to deliver high-performance contact centre management applications. Our flexible environment allows us to tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of each individual client. This translates to delivering a contact centre suite that works within the scope of your business, rather than making you change your business to work with our product. Noble offers immediate return on investment with measurable results. By integrating with existing systems for a seamless solution without requiring an investment in time and money to rebuild processes or transfer data, our clients enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs in a very short time frame. Some of the key differentiators between

Noble Systems and our competitors include:

  • Offering a Single, Unified Platform and Long-Term Stability – Our founder is still our CEO and Noble Systems has not undergone changes of ownership. Our components for inbound and outbound management, digital recording, universal queue, IVR, text-to-speech, WFM, and analytics are integrated to work in a single, unified platform. Noble provides the most complete and robust contact centre portfolio of solutions designed to continuously measure, improve and align operational performance with the customer experience to increase customer loyalty and reduce cost of operations. Noble Systems is the #1 market leader for outbound technology (Frost & Sullivan – 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013).
  • Delivering Flexible Platforms Tailored to Client Needs – Noble Systems has developed our solution so that our clients may use our product as a turn-key solution or as a point solution to integrate into their existing enterprise systems. We offer a variety of deployment options, including local and distributed environments, as well as Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid platforms. The open design of our solutions allows integration with external applications to improve efficiencies and deliver a unified environment. With our ‘building block’ approach and scalability, companies can right-size their Noble platforms to fit their needs and to support their growth. We deliver on our promise and as a result have been growing from positive word of mouth for over 26 years.
  • Our Unique Offerings for the Premise and Cloud Markets – Noble offers both premise and cloud solutions designed to support mission critical requirements for today’s contact centres, including PCI-Ready, compliant platforms. Our cloud solutions are built upon the same platforms as our premise solutions, and offer the same high-performance features, not a limited functionality set. Our innovative premise/cloud hybrid model uses ‘elastic capacity’ to support temporary expansion of agent seats or messaging campaigns, and provides flexible options for disaster recovery. And, we offer an easy migration strategy to convert from cloud to premise, or premise to cloud, as your needs change.
  • Including Software Upgrades at No Charge – Noble Systems includes software upgrades at no additional cost as part of our standard maintenance fees.
  • Providing Top-Quality Client Support – No product stands alone, and support is a critical requirement for mission critical enterprise applications like a call centre solution. The Noble CARE support team is based in Manchester, in the same building as our training, engineering, sales, and service organisation. Our clients have access to a team with over 500 man-years of experience in the call centre business, as well as in Noble products – rather than sourcing our support to outside groups who are required to learn and understand multiple products built by different development organisations.

Dollar UK have recently completed a case study and have provided some KPI improvements since implementing the Noble Cloud Enterprise solution:

  • Inbound abandonment rates have decreased by over 63%
  • Agent wrap time has decreased by over 30%
  • Average call wait times have decreased almost 30%

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: In the UK, the Noble Systems solution is used by approximately 200 contact centres, with over 10,000 agents.

Typical customers: The following companies all use Noble Systems’ solutions in the UK:

  • Vitality Healthcare
  • Swinton Insurance
  • Permanent tsb Bank
  • Dollar UK
  • Stellar UK
  • Cabot Financial
  • Stellar UK

Typical price for a 100 agent solution:

Noble Enterprise Premise Solution starts from £150,000 for a 100 seat solution.

Noble Enterprise Cloud Solution starts from £80,000 for a 100 seat solution per annum.

Comments from our readers:

“The Noble System has transformed our operations with its ease of use and automation”

“User friendliness, features, complete solution “

“This product has enabled many improvements in my operations none more so that the efficiency gains and the ability to manage our regulatory obligations when it comes to silent calls and abandonment rates. The enterprise support operated with speed and accuracy meaning any challenges are dealt with in a timely manner reducing any potential impacts. The relationship is collaborative and supportive with communication in what we can do better and what benefits would improve the system.”

“Composer is the best scripting tool with easy to use integration I have found in the market place.”

“Collection Platform – Clearly a best in class product”

“Flexibility of product, true partnership approach of the company.”

“Excellent product and has delivered excellent commercial value.”

“Everything, the support though is second to none! Great team of people that know their industry & tech exceptionally!”

“Great company to deal with and product is head and shoulders above anything else on the market”

“Composer Designer is a under rated product of Noble. Very flexible and feature rich.”

“Uniqueness and adaptability of the product together with the ability to cater for call centre requirements holistically.”

“It’s a unified solution incorporating workforce management, dialler solution, speech analytics.”

“No other product provides this level of functionality for the price.”

“The solution provides total agility at a great price point and beats hands down its competitors in the value for money stakes.”

“It is a functionally gifted and delivers a total contact centre solution for both inbound outbound and omnichannel strategy, including cradle to the grave reporting delivering meaningful data capturing calls linked to customer data to calls recording and QA/ compliance scorecarding in a simple and effective way with total access to all data through both SQL and ODBC – all in all user friendly and totally customisable. I am yet to find a limit to its functionality.”

“100% uptime on system and quick professional support when needed”

How could the product be improved?

“The product itself delivers exactly what we want, Noble are extremely proactive with new enhancements which are made available as required”

“Nothing as such but to be picky a few new mandatory reports would make my life easier!”

“Once they complete their harmony platform to do all legacy Maestro features it will be fantastic”

“We have seen some limitations in the wall board that should be improved as we enter the next harmony upgrade”

“Allow for dynamic management of calling lists that interface directly with the information store rather than static call lists.”

“Continued advancement in reporting”

“Continue to deliver product price reductions.”

“Add additional flexibility and un-bundle Composer and sell as a standalone.”

“Pricing improvements, reduce pricing complexity

“Social media improvements”

“Documentation hard to come by”

“More choice of hardware”

“IVR manager could be web based as well to allow more flexible working. Also, wallboard templates should be now to be shared across users rather than individual.”

“Keep adding new features as per industry demands”

4. Bright UK LTD

Product Name: Bright Navigator

Brief overview of product: Bright Navigator provides companies with an ability to capture VOC feedback at all parts of the customer journey which is used to drive operational performance, improve service levels/satisfaction metrics (CSAT, NPS, CES) and helps engage the frontline workforce.

On average clients increase customer satisfaction and NPS scores by 20% after the first three months of deployment.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?

Linking Performance, Employee Engagement And Voice Of Customer

The Navigator introduces industry-first technology, allowing clients to find links between three areas: customer feedback, employee engagement and internal performance metrics. Customer service operations no longer have to guess how metrics in these areas affect each other and are able to take a unique holistic view of their business areas. Using the correlation tool embedded in the software, companies for example have the ability to find (often counter intuitive) links between service levels and customer sat, productivity metrics and employee satisfaction, employee engagement and conversion rates, etc.

Other unique features include:

  • Alerts and action management – Enables the contact centre to become a true real-time information hub by proactively sharing insight on broken processes, customer dissatisfaction and sales/marketing opportunities.
  • Employee engagement – Measured and benchmarked giving clients actionable feedback on how to drive engagement and where.
  • Verbatim categorisation – All customer comments are transcribed in real time and categorised by theme and sentiment

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: 40

Typical customers: TUI, Barclays, Transport for London, Littlewoods, Which, The White Company, Domestic & General, South Staffs Water, Genesis Housing, Daily Mail Group,

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £2,300 per month.

Comments from our readers:

“Valuable insight to our customers, and the ability to help understand their customer experience when dealing with us.”

“No ask is too big with Bright, they are always happy to ensure service is best fitted to us as an organisation.”

“Simple to use and give staff clear visibility of their own performance based on customer feedback against team performance.”

“It’s a central repository for customer feedback but also associated dialogue with staff. It gives clear customer comment and staff are engaged with hearing with what customers think! The team at Bright is helpful and responsive when it comes to refining the system and in producing quarterly insights.”

“Real time analytics and customer support.”

“We are in very early days with the Bright product but already it is helping us to understand our strengths in terms of customer NPS. It is identifying what we can improve and focus on. It is simple to use and there are many other uses including employee engagement, coaching and up-skilling. Bench-marking with other companies is massively valuable and although we have only just started our journey it is already changing our thought processes about what we do and how we do it. Fantastic tool for continuous improvement for the business.”

“It is simple to use and tells you everything you need to know in order to improve the Customer Experience and identify process improvements. It has given us clear visibility of what we are doing well, and where we need to improve.”

“First time we have had a fully visual system that all can see depending on their user profile – a good tool from agent level as they can track progress and from Business level as we can capture information and comments never able to before. This can be used to look at process and beyond”

“Customer feedback in a competitive industry such as ours is vital in growing your business and ensuring you are providing the best possible service for both your work providers, and end customers.”

“Bright makes this process a whole lot easier and helps identify areas for improvement. Although we as a business are only in the infantry stage as far as using Bright is concerned, we have already seen a noticeable improvement in our NPS score which shows that we are moving in the right direction and the Bright platform is certainly helping us work towards our NPS goal.”

“The alert function is useful and allows you to listen to your customers verbal feedback within minutes of the survey being completed. This is especially useful as you can actually hear your customers tone which helps you prepare for your follow up call rather than seeing comments left on a piece of paper.”

“The word cloud function is also really useful and allows you to identify specific key words being left about each stage of the process which will really help you drill down into your customers view on the service being provided, whether that be positive or negative.”

“Excellent support as needed. Very informative quarterly updates and suggestions for improvements”

How could the product be improved?

“Nothing at the moment but they always respond favourably to requests for changes and their ability adapting to our business needs”

“New ways of interrogating scores and feedback to drive improvements in our organisation”

“Benchmarking information”

“More innovate ways to gather feedback!!”

“Minor adjustment to Alert search function to improve visibility.”

“I’d like phone calls that are associated with ‘customer alerts’ to be attached to staff one to one records. This will be discussed with the guys at Bright.”

“Greater ability to customise.”

“Integration with telephony platform”

“Better raw data export functionality”

“The only gripe I have is that if a customer leaves feedback against a service, they are not always commenting specifically on the subject matter of that survey. For example, I manage a specific area of the business which includes service provision, but if a customer is unhappy with a service provided by a different area of the business, they may leave the comment on your survey and reflect their score for dissatisfaction with a separate area of the business. It would be useful if the survey results could be transferred to the relevant area of the business actually being commented on.”

“Updated graphs and more dynamic reporting”

“Automatically update results when filters changed”

5. CallMiner

Product Name: CallMiner Eureka Xchange

Brief overview of product: CallMiner Eureka Xchange is the speech analytics industry’s first open application exchange platform leveraging the community and concepts of crowd sourcing to tackle tough customer engagement challenges. Eureka Xchange provides a platform for CallMiner analysts, customers and partners to share and modify content and through this collaboration turn good customer solutions into great ones.

Eureka Xchange combines the collective knowledge of users with prior experience, particularly those in similar industries, to achieve analytical insight, optimize customer experience, accelerate ROI, and drive better contact centre operational performance, faster.

CallMiner is a recognized leader in automated interaction analytics with its speech/Omni-channel Eureka Analytics, real-time EurekaLive and myEureka Agent/Supervisor performance feedback portals. Eureka Xchange was created out of CallMiner’s deep rooted philosophy that highly impactful, engagement optimization solutions start with a platform that is user friendly, intuitive in design, highly customizable and promotes low TCO user independence. To this end, CallMiner has introduced Eureka Xchange to drive the extensibility of the Eureka platform.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? Eureka Xchange provides the CallMiner user community a site where its hosted Eureka 10 speech analytics customers can download popular or newly developed categories. These categories, covering a broad range of use cases, drive faster results and ROI for customer care, collections and sales contact centres as well as enhance the customer experience of their consumers Content can built, modified and shared by CallMiner analysts, partners and customer users alike.

This radical approach breaks the mould on the professional services-laden cost to build new categories and scores that other speech analytics providers typically require. Eureka Xchange affords the CallMiner user community the opportunity to augment and expand their current categories and scorecards at low or no cost to the customer. These categories, oftentimes socialised and brought to light within our highly engaged CallMiner User Community, are fully vetted and QA’d by CallMiner’s Business Intelligence Analysts Team before posting to Xchange.

An example of the categories is below:

  • Payment terms (ex. Pay in full, settle for partial amount, split into multiple payments, promise to pay)
  • Identification of vulnerability
  • Dissatisfaction identification
  • Call opening and close skills

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Seven customers with a total cumulative agent headcount between the 7 customers of approximately 18,000 agents.

Typical customers: CallMiner’s Interaction Analytics technology covers a broad range of verticals and their applied use cases such as financial services, consumer goods, utilities, healthcare, travel & tourism and many more.

Among CallMiner’s UK customers are the following:

  • Just Retirement
  • Direct Line Group
  • Centrica
  • Phillips & Cohen
  • Vanquis Bank
  • Cabot Financial
  • Santander Consumer

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: SaaS Annual Subscription License for CallMiner Eureka/myEureka would be approximately £100,000 which would support 250 hours per day of call mining. Access to Eureka Xchange is free to our customers.

Comments from our readers:

“The product gives a clear and accurate description about what it provides, how it is useful, and is categorized by topic. It is tailored toward the consumers’ needs and specifically addresses areas in calls that we may want to monitor and track for reporting purposes. They are always open to feedback and suggestions as well to add more content for us. The product acts as a stepping ground and launching pad to realize further gains.”

“They give you a platform that you can use to not only add to your specific product but it also enables you to learn by seeing how categories are correctly put together.”

“Training videos available and the ability to vote on new ideas”

“Reduces time, effort, ensure consistency across industry”

“Ease of building analysis”

“API, engagement from each member in CallMiner.”

“Having access to common used categories, search keywords, and phrases.”

How could the product be improved?

“Proactive alerts”

“Expand to automated scoring, specific visualizations and workflows.”

“Keep adding more items on exchange, have the items on continuous improvement (and auto update this)”

“More intuitive interface.”

“Better speech recognition”

“Read-only access to their server post-mining”

“Continue to add categories and searches as we become more advanced in breaking down speech. “

“I believe that once the scorecards are released that will be a huge improvement.”

“Email notifications when new searches are added.”

“By continuing to always listen to your clients feedback.”

“Real time support”

“Ability to view search before exporting”

6. Scorebuddy

Product Name: Scorebuddy QA

Brief overview of product: Spreadsheets cause us pain… Scorebuddy is a cloud based Quality Monitoring Software for Call Centres. It is designed to score customer service calls, emails and webchats, pretty much whatever you want! Stop worrying about your reports breaking (spreadsheets), everything is in one place and there’s customizable access for everyone. Scorebuddy saves time, increases accuracy and delivers an exponential return on investment. On average our customers achieve 8-10 times ROI. It’s easy to use, does not require an IT person!

Our Free Trial is very quick to set up, there are no credit card details required and there are no contracts.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

Scorebuddy is a purpose built, QA Software that can’t stop developing! We genuinely listen to our customers and we develop the product (where possible) to make Scorebuddy even more useful.

Scorebuddy helps businesses to manage their QA process. Data is input via Scorecards. Simply put, you put data in and you take insights out.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Scorebuddy is used by 100+ Call Centres, managing over 20,000 customer service agents!

Typical customers: Microsoft, Ryanair, Air bnb, Allianz, AVG,, Halfords, WWF etc

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £309

Comments from our readers:

“So user friendly but the support provided when needed is fast and very helpful. The ability to build our own scorecards and easy to access reporting”

“It’s very easy to use and navigate round, there are updates being done regularly to take into account what we would like to be able to do with the product.”

“Very user friendly, looks good too and the support team are always great with queries I have.”

“I personally like the analytics section of the tool – the ‘out of the box’ outputs that are provided are really good but also the ease at which we can slice and dice the data.”

“Efficient. Easy access for agents and Team Leads to their QA scores. Their customer service also responds immediately to our query.”

“They have friendly and prompt customer service. The tool is easy to use and learn. “

“It is very user friendly. It has taken all the headache out of implementing our Call Quality programme it also makes reporting an effortless task. The support from the Scorebuddy team is excellent. “

“Reporting and Analytics”

How could the product be improved?

“I think the product at the moment is very good, as already mentioned there are consistent updates which make improvements.”

“I can’t think of anything as it is supporting my requirements perfectly.”

“When auditing, it would be good to be able to select the actual month on the scorecard, which would then result in the score to be allocated to that selected month – at times we run into the first week of the following month when auditing calls, which makes reporting on the past month a little time consuming as the calls then show both as for example March and April – however, the calls audited are all March calls.”

“Would like a mobile/tablet app.”

“On-boarding for new users can be tedious to get activated.”

“There are still parts of the website that are not working.”

“They are currently working on integrating it with the CRM system we use.”

“Become more flexible towards customer’s request to change dashboards and features. Currently the tool does not offer personalised dashboards for each customer.”

7. mplsystems Ltd

Product Name: IntelligentContact

Brief overview of product: Bringing together both omni-channel contact centre and CRM Customer Service in a single agent desktop, intelligentContact provides a transformational way of managing calls, email, chat, social and mobile whilst providing a single customer view for agents in an ‘intelligent’ application. The platform incorporates all the ingredients of the traditional contact centre, including an ACD providing skills based routing and queuing, plus IVR, call recording and workforce optimisation. Enabling businesses to connect with customers on any channel whilst providing a seamless omni channel experience and visibility of all relevant customer data. The extensive case management capability enables follow up to be managed whilst a flexible business rules engine enables users to set up complex workflows and automate business processes.

Available as both a premise and a cloud solution, intelligentContact has enabled our customers to transform agent efficiency and customer experience by combining contact centre and CRM in a simple, intuitive application.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? mplsystems unique “mashup” CRM Agent desktops are configured to make ‘complex customer service simple’, bringing together CRM, contact centre channels and enterprise-wide customer data in a simple intuitive application. In contrast to a traditional CRM approach, the objective is not to replace existing enterprise systems, but rather to present all relevant customer data from them on a ‘single unified desktop’. The desktop guides agents through complex transactions whilst intelligently presenting only the relevant data at the appropriate point in the transaction, rather than bombarding the agents with irrelevant data, tabs and menus, as is common in a traditional CRM. The result is a simple, intuitive agent desktop, ‘fit for purpose’ for the contact centre.

What makes mplsystems really unique is the ability to configure these process centric integrated applications in a matter of weeks, as opposed to the months or years that is typical of alternative solutions which involve expensive customization and integration. The result is a customer service desktop which will slash the time an agent spends searching for data, knowledge and processing requests, whilst empowering front office staff to do more and deliver truly transformed customer experience.

‘Empowering agents with the tools to make complex service tasks simple’ is only part of what makes this solution unique; in parallel we focus on automating the simpler customer service tasks, freeing up agents to deal with complex value adding tasks. This is enabled through our pioneering intelligentResponse module, which uses Artificial Intelligence to identify, respond to and process front and back office requests, whether the customer is using chat, email, social media or the website. Using the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing, the module will not only provide answers to a variety of questions and enable 2 way, multi-stage ‘natural’ automated conversations but will also process these tasks automatically via pre-defined business rules, such as account changes, refunds, password resets, distributing brochures, debt collections. The module will identify more complex tasks and via the skills based routing engine will deliver these to the most appropriate skilled expert to deal with them.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: 70

Typical customers: From international enterprises to start-up businesses, mplsystems works with clients across Europe in many industries including retail, financial services, manufacturing, repairs and facilities, utilities and leisure industries. This includes major brands such as Aviva, HomeServe Gas, Babcock International, Iceland and Engie, rapidly growing retailers such as Purple Bricks, Wyevale and Carhop and focused B2B engineering and service companies such as Gamestec, The Metric Group and Ecomaster, who use the technology to better manage their customer experience and field service operations.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Prices start from £40 per agent per month for call centre functionality, up to £120 for full omni-channel and advanced CRM Unified Agent Desktop applications. Even the basic voice price includes full CTI, IVR & Voice recording as standard features

Comments from our readers:

“I’ve worked with mplsystems for some time now and to ensure we’re receiving the best platform for our business (outsourcer), I periodically review alternative suppliers but nothing compares with IntelligentContact. It provides all the modules within one package suitable for our industry, is user friendly and their support team are always on hand to help and offer advice.”

“Its end-to-end service provision for the contact centre environment”

“Innovative Nature”

“Willingness to adapt to our needs”

“The diversity of reports”

“The ease of logging into the system”

“The contact with the account manager / developer”

“Can easily manipulate and change to requirement”

“Excellent customer service”

“Flexibility, great response”

How could the product be improved?

“The look and feel of the product can be improved to make it more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing for admin and end users.”

“More user-friendly back system”

“The product is bespoke to our requirement”

“Please consider checking what type of headsets users use because we have problems with dropping lines and background noise on some types of headsets that worked ok on previous system. So please INFORM users what they MUST use. Recommendations are ok, but you should know what type of headsets must not be used!”

“Better interface to the data tables”

“More in-depth analysis when issues occur although they are working on this.”

“Consistency in development”

“Remove ActiveX pre-requirement”


Product Name: Workforce Management

Brief overview of product: The NICE Workforce Management (WFM) system has provided workforce management and workforce optimization solutions for over two decades – since 1988. With specific tools and terminology for contact centers, back office and branches, NICE WFM offers the flexibility to fit forecasting and scheduling to specific environments. While NICE WFM can operate as a standalone solution, it serves as a foundational component of NICE’s broader Workforce Optimization platform.

The NICE Enterprise platform provides Workforce Optimization by offering tightly integrated solutions which enable organizations to improve employee productivity, identify performance gaps, deliver targeted coaching, and effectively forecast workloads and schedule staff. NICE Workforce Optimization enables organizations to measure, manage and motivate frontline employees to ensure best performance during customer interactions. It leverages integrated capabilities including unified operational dashboards across domains, cross-solution workflows, data aggregation from multiple sources, and unified administration. NICE Workforce Optimization fosters performance-driven operations, leverages the power of advanced analytics, and embeds Voice of the Customer into daily operations.

NICE WFM is a scalable solution that integrates data seamlessly across the enterprise and automates many time-consuming and labor-intensive processes. It is a proven application that has been implemented in over 75 countries – 3,100 organizations and 2.4 million employees – worldwide. Highly configurable, the system allows users to adapt it to their particular needs through a wide range of operating parameters, rules, and feature enablement. This allows the system to meet a wide variety of operational needs, labor rules, and site-specific parameters, while maintaining stability and scalability.

NICE WFM is available as a hosted, onsite, or SaaS model. NICE provides full system implementation addressing each customer’s unique requirements, as well as complete onsite training in order to equip users with the knowledge and skills to use the system to its fullest capacity. NICE WFM training sessions use the customer’s own data to ensure accuracy and relevancy, and NICE also offers continuing education on the system’s features, functionalities, and upgrades. Ongoing maintenance (including 24×7 support) is available through annual maintenance agreements.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? NICE WFM system integrates data seamlessly across the enterprise and automates many time-consuming and labor-intensive processes. It is a proven application that has been implemented in over 75 countries – 3,100 organizations and 2.4 million employees – worldwide. Highly configurable, the system allows users to adapt it to their particular needs through a wide range of operating parameters, rules, and feature enablement. This ensures that the system accommodates a wide range of operational needs, while maintaining stability.

  • Most advanced multi-site and multi-skilled solution on the market – Patented self learning process with embedded simulation of your ACDs, network routers, virtual queues, and cloud based multimedia routers ensures forecasts and schedules account for the interrelatedness of multiskill workers, across diverse work centers, handling both immediate and deferrable work volumes.
  • Most robust collection of employee self service rules – driven tools delivered via a web browser- As an overall collection, NICE WFM provides the broadest set of rules-driven tools that empower staff to be involved in the WFM processes. Rules provide the boundaries to ensure business objectives are met while allowing employees control of their schedules and performance.
  • Best long term planning module embedded in the core technology– the long term planning module – including “re-syncing” planned headcount with actual headcount – is an out of the box feature in the Personnel Planner module.
  • Broadest spectrum of change management tools that put information in the hands of the decision makers – Tools such as Meeting Scheduler, Schedule Optimizer, and change schedule wizards make schedule modification simple. Intraday views give real time updates on forecasted KPIs as schedules are modified and as ACDs deliver data. Plans can be adjusted on the fly and site managers’ plans are updated automatically, and work can be re-allocated with a couple of clicks to match work volume to staff capacity.
  • Most experienced educational services staff certified in adult learning and participant centered facilitation methods – NICE WFM Group trains customers using their own data, and advanced adult learning techniques to ensure the training “sticks”. With over 400 years of cumulative experience, our education specialists bring a wealth of knowledge into the classroom and are happy to share best practices. In addition, our Client Service Managers facilitate the customer relationship and acts as a liaison between the customer and NICE throughout the life of the customer relationship.
  • Low total cost of ownership – Multiple server configurations, multiple database options, multiple operating systems options, and support for virtualization ensure your IT department has options to configure a platform to meet your needs at the lowest cost. NICE also provides the full functionality of our advanced WFM system in a hosted environment.

NICE WFM system can add value to your organization through:

  • Embedded Multiskill Simulation – Only NICE WFM simulates exact: ACD routing, employee skills, skill levels and schedules with its patented formula; self-learning algorithms create improving efficiencies.
  • Multichannel support – Ability to forecast, schedule and manage all customer contacts and back office work allowing organizations to be highly productive.
  • Robust Real Time Adherence – Visibility into agent ACD, outbound dialer and desktop activity letting you know what is happening in real time, right now in order to make the most effective decisions.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: 156 Named customers; 315 (serial numbers) with approximately 175K licences

Typical customers: Financial institutes, telecom operators, health organizations, insurance, travel, utilities, retail

Some examples: Barclays, Sky, BoA, Admiral, RSA, EE

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Undisclosed

Comments from our readers:

“The fact that it makes life easier for call centres to achieve PCI DSS compliance with a flexible on-demand pricing model and easy integration. At this stage, I think the product is one of the very few in the industry that can achieve this.”

“I use it and it really helps me in my work.”

“Very robust from the command centre to the agent’s workstation”

“Simple, easy and flexible “

“Real-time capability, scheduling and time off manager functionality.”

“Robust capabilities and great self service offerings for end users”

“Automatic scheduling function”


How could the product be improved?

“Make it little more calculative than erlang only”

“Better reporting suite :)”

“Work needed on the forecasting of service outcomes (e.g. ASA, service levels)”

“Price point”

“Web station report output”

9. Rostrvm Solutions Limited

Product Name: rostrvm

Brief overview of product: rostrvm software and services help organisations to deliver high levels of customer service across multiple contact channels. The intuitive and easy to use application suite supports sophisticated call handling, agent support, outbound contact and reporting requirements. Voice call handling is standard with integrated multi-channel add-ons for email, SMS and web chat.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?

  • Drives consistent call handling processes for compliance and best practice
  • Overlays existing telephony and IT for quick deployment of services
  • Puts the user in control with intuitive interfaces and tools
  • Is available as a Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: 70

Typical customers: Intelligent Insurance, Midland Heart, Nottinghamshire County Council, Sadler’s Wells

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £6,000 per month as a Cloud service

Comments from our readers:

“Flexibility of the product is amazing and their staff are top notch.”

“Easy to use, good future roadmap, they listen to their customers and their developers understand the business needs”

“The ability to bespoke the system ourselves. Ease of use straight out of the box.”

“Innovations as are made as a direct result of customer feedback.”

How could the product be improved?

“The ability to automate switch over to bank holiday messages. “

“Adding their own WFM solution to their portfolio would be advantageous, I say this because some WFM tools I have used would flourish under the user interface and innovative tools that Rostrvm have at their disposal.”

10. Plantronics

Product Name: EncorePro 700 Series

Brief overview of product: The EncorePro 700 USB Series is a fully integrated audio solution that enables users to focus on every conversation with all-day comfort, built-in call control, advanced audio processing and an enhanced noise cancelling microphone. EncorePro 700 Series headsets are also future-ready with intelligent calling features and VoIP-optimised functionality to help organisations maximise the returns on softphone investment.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?

  • Over-the-head Binaural or Monaural preferences for the wearer, ideal for lengthy or complex calls
  • Extendible boom means users can adjust the microphone so it is in the best position for them to maintain customer call quality
  • Designed to withstand everyday bumps and knocks, with Quick Disconnect so users can walk away from their desks without having to take off their headsets
  • Future-ready with intelligent calling features and VoIP-optimised functionality to help maximise the return on investment for continued growth in multi-channel contact centre

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: More than 500 public and private organisations throughout the UK&Ireland. Many thousands worldwide

Typical customers: Public and private organisations of all sizes including the likes of Dixons KNOWHOW, HMRC, University of Liverpool, MoneyPenney, Santander, Centrica and Get Connected

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Average price: £10,000 via a Plantronics Authorised Partner

Comments from our readers:

“Ease of use”

“Audio clarity and comfort”

“Clarity and noise cancelling”

“Sound quality”

“High quality products, extremely durable and long lasting.”

How could the product be improved?

“Versatile in head adjustment “


“Longer cables would be nice”

The following companies are Highly Commended (in alphabetical order by product name):

Aspect Software

Product Name: Aspect Zipwire

Brief overview of product: Aspect Zipwire is a feature-rich, cloud-based contact centre interface designed to rapidly accelerate operational value and customer service excellence. Able to significantly reduce demand on IT, Aspect Zipwire includes premium features such as unlimited elasticity, provisioning simplicity and 24/7/365 support.

Deployed on Aspect’s fully redundant, geographically dispersed cloud architecture, Aspect Zipwire uses the cloud to deliver the reliability and capacity needed to manage omnichannel customer interactions across voice, email, SMS, web-based messaging and video, with the capability to integrate social media and mobile apps.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?

Aspect Zipwire enables businesses to deploy and manage a pure cloud contact centre or Help Desk with premium features at a competitive price. It has been designed to meet the demands of the largest enterprise contact centres as well as the unique needs of smaller contact centre operations. With Aspect Zipwire’s simplicity and speed of set up, organisations can be up and running in hours with no set-up costs, helping to speed the time-to-value for contact centres by quickly getting agents serving customers.

Key benefits for contact centre operators include:

  • Improved first contact resolution and post-interaction surveys for speedy and measured customer satisfaction
  • Reduced hold times due to skills-based routing, ensuring the most suitable employee is connected to a customer each time
  • Maximising usage of advisors through blending, so that they can handle outbound and inbound queries, across multiple channels, ensuring more customers are connected first time
  • Immediate agent access to important data during interactions, such as Oracle and Salesforce, as well as Aspect’s Cloud Suite (including data-driven agent engagement suite Workforce Optimisation and self-service platform CXP), with fully-supported integration capability

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: 16

Typical customers: Aspect Zipwire has been deployed by businesses of all sizes, operating in all sectors.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Pricing dependent on functionality.

Comments from our readers:

“Easy to Use and Intuitive “

“Multi-channel support”

“I’ve been working with the product for almost 15 years. With upgrades, it more or less stays the same.”

“It is user friendly and robust system”

How could the product be improved?

“International adoption”

“Give you a little more day options to check if what you get is correct.”


Product Name: Genesys Customer Experience Platform

Brief overview of product: The Genesys Customer Experience Platform combines multimodality, orchestration, and journey management to provide a great omnichannel customer experience, with compelling business outcomes. It is available in Pure Cloud, Pure Connect and Pure Engage.

The platform ensures that the experience brands deliver aligns with the expectations of their customers – and is journey appropriate. By more effectively matching the workload and the required staffing levels for each customer journey, it delivers consistent service levels over all touchpoints, channels and interactions throughout the call centre or contact centre and back office.

Genesys analytics tools also help users gain superior business insights that are actionable. Based on real-time and historical data, Genesys helps the management and refinement of sales, service and marketing strategies to better achieve business objectives.

Whether the goal is to modernise the contact centre, increase workforce efficiency and quality, or orchestrate optimal omnichannel customer journeys, Genesys offers an open and scalable platform that efficiently fits into existing enterprise architecture, integrates with CRM systems, and reduces total cost of ownership.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform is available from the cloud or through on-premises implementations – in users’ own data centres or private cloud.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? The Genesys Customer Experience Platform offers:

  • Integration with legacy CRM or custom desktop.
  • Maximised productivity of agents and knowledge workers in both the front and back office.
  • Workforce optimisation to connect each customer with the best available agent through automated routing.
  • Omnichannel journey management, including voice, email, chat, social, mobile, web and video.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Approximately 172

Typical customers:

  • AO
  • Atom Bank
  • BT
  • M&S
  • Metro Bank

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: There is not a typical price for a 100 agent solution; pricing is determined by the functionality required.

Comments from our readers:

“Genesys is the leader in Contact Centre market”

“A quality product with immense capability in the analytics space”

“Advanced & Reports”

“Genesys is an integrator and with the common WFM and CRM platform it offers, we have been able to be certain about efficiencies and this has helped us to manage operational costs”

“Help us running a top resilient platform, building customer interactions on top of infrastructure”


How could the product be improved?

“Improve the Integration time.”

“Could be more flexible.”

“Genesys should build in excel formulae into the reporting tab which will help Starters pull raw data and use such excel formulae to report on such data.”

“Quicker time to market for improvements. Release cycle is too long.”

“They can make it easier to engineers to install and configure”

“Less complex to operate”

IP Integration

Product Name: TrustCall On Demand

Brief overview of product: TrustCall On Demand is a totally unique, patented solution in the compliant payments space. It is a secure payment on-demand payment solution for contact centres. It is a cloud-based software solution that can either be embedded into your existing Customer Relationship Management system or used as a stand-alone web application. At no time does any of the sensitive card information pass through or reside in any in-house systems. Secure mode and routing to the PCI DSS-compliant service provider is only invoked when a payment actually takes place, providing a true pay-as-you go model, rather than a channel-based licensing model or requiring a migration to another carrier or necessitating another network to carry your call traffic.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?

  • Pay-as-you-go rather than channel-based or pence per minute licensing
  • Only pay for what you utilise when taking card payments
  • “Right sizes” the PCI Compliance problem for a contact centre
  • Reduces liability since customer data never enters the organisation
  • Decouples other technology contracts from the PCI Compliance problem

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: As IP Integration took TrustCall On Demand through the patent process the sale and marketing of the product could not take place until it was submitted. Therefore the product has been on general release since Autumn 2015 and since then 12 customers have, or are in the process of deploying TrustCall On Demand totalling many thousands of agents and multi millions of transactions per annum being processed.

Typical customers: The fact TrustCall On Demand protects customers from the gaze of PCI compliance means that it is suitable for any contact centre which takes payments over the phone. Customers who have adopted TrustCall On Demand include DHL, Severn Trent Water, Yellow Pages, TIF, PDSA, Bensons for Beds, Luton Borough Council and Harvey’s. Also a number of financial services customers we cannot directly name.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Not disclosed.

Comments from our readers:

“Ease of use for flexibility and commercial approach.”

“Worked without issues saving money for company”

“Speed to deploy. Great features.”

“Simple solution for our agents to follow”

“Security of the product and data and a cloud product”

“Simplifying PCI compliance “

How could the product be improved?

“Excellent system”

“Add in some biometric authentication?”

“Speed of deployment”


Product Name: Jabra Biz 2400 II

Brief overview of product: Jabra Biz 2400 II is a new and improved version of the original Jabra Biz 2400, which is one of our most popular professional headsets ever.

The Biz 2400 II is a best-in-class corded headset, designed to meet the demands of busy call centric environments; for those who both listen to understand and talk to solve issues.

Offering outstanding sound at both ends of the call, durability for long-term use and cost-effectiveness, exceptional comfort for all-day wear and is 40% lighter than competing headsets, the BIZ 2400 II provides the clearest, most comfortable conversation yet.

Jabra Biz 2400 II comes in Mono and Duo options for Quick Disconnect (QD) for deskphones and UC for softphones. There is also a Microsoft variant that is optimised for use with Skype for Business.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? The Jabra Biz 2400 II incorporates a wide variety of features to support people that spend their working day on the telephone:

  • Air Shock Microphone – reduces unwanted respiratory noise when microphones are close to the mouth, for better call quality
  • Jabra’s FreeSpin boom-arm reduces the likelihood of breaking during adjustment by allowing the user to rotate their boom a full 360 degrees and adjust the positioning so that it’s always exactly where needed for every call
  • HD Voice/Wideband audio (for QD variants) – enjoy high-definition sound with HD Voice and get crystal clear, life-like communications, where the user can focus on the conversation and doesn’t struggle to understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying
  • Kevlar reinforced cords provide increased toughness for durability to reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Noise-cancelling microphone reduces unwanted background noise and are ideal in crowded and noisy, open working environments
  • PeakStop technology immediately removes potentially harmful loud sounds or tones before they reach the users ears and keeps sound levels in a safe range to protect hearing
  • Talk in Comfort – ensure total comfort with a range of styles that match individual needs and personal fit requirements. Light, ergonomically designed frames, super-soft ear cushions and adjustable low pressure headbands with additional leatherette padding all guarantee a more personalised fit and comfort all day long
  • Digital Signal Processing for clearer sound (for USB variants) removes background noise and echo as well as protecting the user against sudden high peaks in volume. Call handling time and potential misunderstandings are therefore significantly reduced
  • Intuitive in-line controller (for USB variants) gives users greater productivity and convenience, with large buttons and LED indicators for quick access. Pick up or end calls, control volume or mute the line via user-programmable buttons
  • Jabra Software Applications (for USB-variants) provide easy device configuration and softphone integration. Customise and control the headset settings with Jabra’s software applications to have full integration and remote call control with the latest generation of softphones.
  • Jabra SafeTone (for USB variants) includes Jabra PeakStop and Jabra IntelliTone, the enhanced hearing protection technology. Benefit from clear, crisp and automatic limitation of average volume exposure during your workday according to acoustic standards and regulations

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: 28,000 approximate users of Jabra BIZ 2400 II in the UK (based on 2016 deployment figures)
Size of contact centre ranges from 300+ agents up to 2,500+

Typical customers: Large seat in-house and outsourced contact centres and a mix of contact centre and office workers.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Not released

Comments from our readers:

“Robust, quality headset that is value for money for customers”

“It’s just bloody brilliant!”

“Clear sound, great comfort and built to last “

“Clear Audio, Comfortable, Great Noise Cancelling, Easy buttons”

“Sound quality, noise cancelling mic, 360 boom, warranty “

“Never fails”

“Perfect product “

How could the product be improved?

“Busy light for USB “

“New colours”

“Wireless version”

Congratulations to all of the winners and many thanks to everyone who took part in the voting.

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