Calabrio Acquires AI and Bot Analytics Company Wysdom

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Calabrio has announced their acquisition of Wysdom.This acquisition will accelerate Calabrio’s strategy to help customers leverage AI and ML (Machine Learning) to maximize agent engagement, productivity, and ROI (Return on Investment).

Wysdom, based out of Toronto, Canada, was founded in 2012 and has been a pioneer in developing software and services to help customers optimize the performance of their virtual agents.

“We are excited to bring Wysdom and Calabrio together to help our customers use AI to drive optimal allocation of resources across both human and virtual agents,” said Kevin Jones, CEO of Calabrio.

“By unlocking core insights across all interactions at scale, Wysdom’s powerful AI/ML-fueled analytics will ensure that our customers are able to leverage all of the valuable data in their omnichannel contact centre.”

Wysdom’s proprietary technology facilitates the fine-tuning of virtual agent (i.e., chat and voice bot) interactions in real time.

This technology is an instant value-add to Calabrio’s existing suite of analytics tools. Both platforms are built for an increasingly omnichannel world and will allow Calabrio to present customer interactions, along with a comprehensive range of conversational metrics, through a single pane of glass.

This single pane approach will allow customers to easily monitor and improve the performance and resource allocation of all customer service agents, whether human or virtual.

Calabrio customers will now be able to sort all interactions-regardless of channel type-into thematic categories. In addition, customers will now be able to automatically determine areas for potential improvement, including coaching and training.

This enhanced analytical firepower will take Calabrio’s already robust quality management and employee engagement tools to the next level. The result is the ultimate workforce performance solution for the modern, omnichannel customer contact centre.

“At Wysdom we have spent years single-mindedly focused on improving the efficacy of the AI-enhanced chatbot, believing the modern contact centre to be a space ripe for transformational change,” said Ian Collins, Wysdom Founder & CEO.

“All along we’ve viewed Calabrio as a like-minded innovator, so we’re thrilled to join them in this crucial mission.”

The acquisition speaks to Calabrio’s long-term, multi-front efforts to build the world’s best software to optimize how businesses delight their customers.

In addition, it will accelerate customers’ ability to harness the vast quantities of data generated by each customer interaction across multiple channels. And as part of that process, Calabrio will create a frictionless, engaging experience for both customers and agents.

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Published On: 10th Jan 2024
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