Calabrio Announces Winners of Analytics Competition and ONE Awards

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Calabrio spotlighted the winners of its analytics competition and ONE Awards during its annual customer conference, Calabrio Customer Connect (C3). This year, Calabrio is focusing sessions on the Connected Workforce and for the second year in a row, C3 is being held as a virtual event.

In a fireside chat hosted by Ventana Research’s Keith Dawson, and Calabrio CMO, Ross Daniels, Calabrio announced and interviewed the finalists of its analytics competition. The competition, now in its third year, challenges companies to use the power of Calabrio Analytics to unearth new customer and employee insights.

From there it celebrates those driving improvements for agent experience, using AI-driven analytics to surprise and delight customers, and creating connections with the wider enterprise. Analytics competition winners were selected from a field of customer applicants and will share $100,000 in prize money to use in their contact centres.

The mission of the ONE Awards is to recognize high-achieving customers charting the future of agent and customer engagement using Calabrio ONE. In appreciation of this year’s ONE Award winners, Calabrio donated more than $8,000 to a group of charities chosen by the winners.

“Calabrio is proud to recognize and support the strides our customers are making in more human-centric interactions.

“The important insights derived from the Calabrio Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) platform help our customers achieve goals while supporting contact centre agents and creating a more connected workforce,” said Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO at Calabrio.

“Congratulations to our 2021 Analytics Competition and ONE Award Winners for pushing the boundaries.”

Analytics Competition Winners

GreenPath Financial Wellness – Winner

After implementing Calabrio Analytics at the end of 2020, GreenPath was determined to utilize the tool at every stage of the customer journey. The contact centre team partnered with the marketing function with the common goal of providing financial counseling to the area’s underserved citizens.

Using Calabrio Speech Analytics, leaders identified phrases correlated to their marketing campaigns, for example, “I saw your billboard” or “I saw you on TV.” They then mapped these calls to their target demographic – discovering that billboards, social media and radio were the most successful platforms for reaching the desired audience, allowing them to pivot away from less effective tactics.

GreenPath saw a 150% increase in calls from this underserved population and uncovered the need for additional Spanish-speaking resources. Sentiment analysis showed a 3% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and improvements to clients’ overall wellbeing score.

AAA Northeast – Joint runner-up

AAA Northeast used Calabrio Speech Analytics to identify call types, which uncovered inconsistencies in interactions with members who were calling for help when stuck on the highway. To improve the member experience for highway callers, they set up a cross-functional team and identified four focus areas: member satisfaction, safety concerns, locations and efficiency.

Using Calabrio Desktop Analytics, AAA was able to track the resources agents were using when speaking to a highway caller. They found agents weren’t using the Global Positioning System (GPS) locator tool as often as they should, relying instead on asking members irrelevant questions.

Once they identified the root cause behind agents’ underuse of the GPS tool (lack of training, misconception on time taken to use the tool), contact centre leaders were able to partner with the training team to re-launch the GPS toolkit.

Overall, leaders were able to increase awareness and clarity regarding safety procedures and reduce Average Handle Time (AHT). Additionally, they now have a view into how frequently the GPS locator tool is being used thanks to Desktop Analytics.

Delta Dental of Minnesota – Joint runner-up

After opening a new operations centre and deploying the Calabrio ONE Suite, Delta Dental of Minnesota wanted to understand how some interactions led to negative customer experiences for their members and how they could build processes for improvements.

First, Delta Dental designed phrases and a dashboard to provide visibility to agents and leaders on First Contact Resolution (FCR). Based on the data, they implemented enhanced training and adjusted the quality evaluation form, which improved FCR by 20%. Their next goal was to identify root causes of customer effort and dissatisfaction.

By aligning Calabrio Analytics to their Six Sigma practices, they implemented a 5-step process to identify dissatisfied member calls. They discovered there were four top categories of dissatisfaction, including: 1. help finding a dentist 2. treatment 3. benefit questions 4. claim confusion.

By implementing changes to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) design, outreach & education and agent training, they expect to reduce defect rate by 40%, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

The ONE Awards Winners

The Optimizer – Autodesk

With the implementation of Calabrio WFM, they now have a method to measure and schedule non-production activities – enabling agents with access to increased training, personal development time and ability to work on special projects, all while ensuring adequate staffing.

The Trailblazer – GE Appliances

Despite the unimaginable challenges posed by COVID-19, the GEA team implemented a formal WFM plan with Calabrio ONE as the driver. Call volumes skyrocketed by 50%, but the contact centre workforce only had to grow by 25% – while decreasing costs per call by 15% – resulting in huge savings for the organization.

The Leader – Peckham

Peckham employs agents with varying abilities. Using Calabrio WFM, leaders discovered ways to assist agents, such as: specialized equipment, modified schedules, updating procedures, resolving IT connectivity issues and/or coaching when needed. Peckham improved agents’ ready time by 3.37%, which equates to a recovered productive paid time of three-quarters of a million dollars on just two contracts. Peckham was also honoured as a “Certified Great Place to Work.”

The Engager – Dominion Energy

Based on their First Call Resolution call study using Calabrio Analytics, Dominion Energy is making automation improvements to their IVR to improve FCR and the customer experience. After just a few months, they’ve increased FCR by 2-3%.

The Converter – CI Financial

From industry lagging to leading, CI Financial upgraded their antiquated technology to Amazon Connect and Calabrio WFM in the cloud. Even during a reduction in agent headcount, they saw a 10% service level lift, AHT improvements of 16% and email AHT improvements of 88%.

The Globetrotter – Ascensos

Ascensos is a Global BPO, with a contact centre network stretching from the UK to Romania, Turkey and South Africa, supported by a global army of customer service specialists who work from home. Their UK operation saw 290 new advisors join their team within a 48-hour period.

They quickly built processes to accommodate a flexible working model, enabling staff to pick and choose their shifts. Having previously used SurveyMonkey to collate shifts, with Calabrio WFM they’re now able to use the more robust ‘preference’ function. Advisor feedback has been highly positive, attrition has dropped, and nearly 1,800 more productive hours each week have been gained.

The Unifier – PowerSchool

With a mission of powering education ecosystems, PowerSchool now has unified technology to support agents for phone, chat and web. From spreadsheets to integrations with Talkdesk, a business intelligence tool and a Human Resource Management System, they are now poised for rapid growth and have an omnichannel technology strategy.

The Champion – Brian Bunderson, Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU)

Brian is pioneering growth in the contact centre at ICCU. As a Calabrio Champion, he eagerly connects with countless prospects to discuss Calabrio ONE solutions.

He has participated in the analytics competition for the last two years and is at the forefront of utilizing the product to its full potential. Because of Brian’s success with the solution, he has trained additional teams at ICCU who are now using Calabrio ONE.

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