Case Study: CloudControl Maximizes Agent Efficiency 

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CloudControl has been a provider of cloud contact centre services since 2003, with offices in France, Tunisia, Morocco and Dubai, servicing France, the Middle East, Africa and a number of other European countries.

CloudControl manages over 100 campaigns daily, and 1.2 billion calls yearly, with up to 3,500 agents connected on its cloud contact centre platform. The platform services a full range of industries including health, e-commerce and manufacturing, with a key focus on banking and finance.


With 95% of their customers requiring outbound voice services, CloudControl researched a number of leading predictive diallers. They were specifically looking for excellence in technology along with flexible configuration at a competitive price per agent.

CloudControl approached Sytel and was impressed with the presentation of Sytel’s Softdial Contact Center (SCC) suite, including Sytel AI Dialer”, Sytel Global Compliance and Softdial Campaign Manager.

Sytel’s Solution

Sytel delivered a comprehensive training programme to CloudControl’s in-house technical team, who then installed SCC on premise in a number of different countries.

With the introduction of multi-tenancy into the Sytel suite, CloudControl based the platform in Paris and moved to the cloud. This move meant that no more premise-based installations were required and this was a key factor in CloudControl’s success.

However, the main contributor to success was the seamless and reliable interaction between Sytel’s dialler and campaign manager. CloudControl soon mastered the power of the SCC suite to optimize productivity and maximize agent efficiency within their call centres.

SCC’s open APIs gave CloudControl the flexibility to integrate with any of their customers’ in-house bespoke applications as well as CRMs and new technologies as they came along.


“To put it mildly, we simply love this Sytel product. It is easily one of the most powerful and compliant outbound suites in the industry, enabling us to build a large part of our business around it.

“In a world where outbound dialling gets a bad rap, we have been able to get great performance from Sytel, whilst dialling compliantly and not abusing our customer base. This has been vital in growing our business.” Fethi Madani, CEO of CloudControl France

“CloudControl are an exemplar in the responsible way they have worked with our product, with agents based in 15 countries. They have been running at a peak of 3,500 agents using Sytel’s AI dialler and also its inventory management system, for handling large amounts of data and outbound optimizing call flows.

“Their experience shows that organizations can make significant productivity gains using compliant dialling, at a time when responsible organizations are very alert to the need for better dialler management.” Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel Ltd.

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Published On: 31st Jul 2023
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