Case Study: Littlefish Achieves 95% Satisfaction Rate

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RingCentral Contact Centre Helps Littlefish Achieve 95% Satisfaction Rate While Providing World-Class IT Support

An Award-Winning Provider of Managed IT Services

Some of the world’s most demanding organizations – from multinationals such as NSK, to the UK Parliament and several other government entities – entrust their digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, and managed IT service and support operations to Littlefish.

Hundreds of other organizations, of all sizes and across many industries, turn to the UK-based provider of managed IT services because it has built an unparalleled reputation for expertise, reliability, and high-quality service.

In addition to its 95% satisfaction rating, Littlefish has earned a Net Promoter Score of 78, placing the company in the rare “world-class” category with its customers.

With these and dozens of other industry accolades – including a Customer Service Excellence Award from the Nottingham Post – Littlefish has seen demand for its services rise significantly. In fact, the company has been growing by an impressive 40% per year for several years running.

But to support that level of growth without jeopardizing the company’s reputation for outstanding customer service, Littlefish had to phase out its on-premise PBX and migrate to a more sophisticated call centre solution.

An Outdated Phone System Had the Company Swimming Upstream

For some time, the highly competent inhouse technology and dev teams at Littlefish found ways to extend the life of the company’s traditional telephony system.

But Becky Roberts, Littlefish’s Service Improvement Manager, explains that by 2019 the shortcomings of the system were coming into direct conflict with the continuing growth of the company.

“We were adding new locations, new staff, and new customers at a rapid pace,” Roberts explains.

“It was becoming obvious we needed more sophisticated call centre features, such as skills-based routing, advanced IVR, and an intuitive interface to let our service desk team leaders manage their own system updates.”

RingCentral Contact Centre Provided the Sea Change They Needed

With RingCentral Contact Centre, Littlefish found a flexible, cloud-based solution capable of supporting the company’s tremendous growth.

“Almost immediately, we could see improvements to both the agent and customer experience,” says Roberts. “Our agents could see the name of the contact who was calling, along with any open tickets they might have, before they picked up, so they could start the call on a more personalized note.”

She adds: “We are now able to give our agents enriched information about the users engaging with Littlefish by integrating RingCentral with our ticketing system.

“Now when an agent is ready to take a call, they can see a plethora of information about the caller, so they are in a better position to help and deliver a much greater user experience.”

Littlefish is also benefiting from RingCentral’s reporting and analytics capabilities. “We built a sophisticated reporting dashboard for our service desk team leaders,” Roberts says.

“This allows them to see how many calls are coming into their teams at different times, monitor call volume by customer, and see the number of calls requiring specific skills. These reports make it much easier to schedule and allocate resources.

“RingCentral’s reporting capabilities are providing us a big ROI.  The reports help us do informed resource analysis, manage our scheduling, and improve employee productivity”

And although it wasn’t the major factor in the company’s decision to migrate to a cloud-based communications solution, Littlefish discovered in 2020 that one of the biggest advantages of RingCentral was that it enables their employees to work from anywhere.

Handling 3x the Call Traffic… Without Feeling Underwater

When the COVID lockdowns went into effect across the UK, Littlefish was more prepared than most organizations to transition to a 100% remote workforce.

A major reason for that was the fact that all of the company’s hundreds of office employees were already using RingCentral’s softphone capabilities to make and receive calls on their computers and smartphones.

As Roberts explains, Littlefish was doubly affected by the lockdowns. “Like other companies, we had to move our office staff home. We’re also the outsourced IT support for our customer organizations.

“As our customers transitioned to remote work, their employees had lots of tech questions and concerns. Our call volume spiked 300%. But because we had RingCentral, we were able to handle it and still provide outstanding customer service.”

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Published On: 29th Jun 2021
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