Case Study: MSX International Improves Employee Engagement

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Read how MSX is improving employee engagement and using the insights to drive better business decisions.

MSX’s Approach to Improve Employee Engagement

Provide Best in Class Technology Solution

MSX International represents 6,000 employees across 80 countries driving over $1.3 billion in revenue annually.

They transform the learning and performance experience for leading automotive brands. MSX has a goal to build their training solutions to be more technologically focused and tech enabled.

Instead of building their own solution, they partnered with Centrical, who could be flexible and adaptable and provide the cutting-edge, gamified rewards and recognition-based learning that’s tied to performance to help improve the delivery of their own content through a more modern and engaging customer platform.

“The customer service focus from Centrical is really head and shoulders above the competitor that we were working with. The ability to truly be a partner and to listen to our clients and to be flexible and responsive has really come through.” Deborah Mulholland, Director of Learning Solutions, MSX

Deliver a Personalized Learning Experience

In the automotive industry, there is a wide range of ages and genders, which at times presents a challenge for MSX to figure out how to adapt to the different demographics and understand how they learn effectively.

They wanted to explore the path of bringing learning to people so they can absorb it in a way that is best for the individual.

Centrical helps MSX accomplish this goal because of the ability to serve up content in different personalized and relevant ways, whether it is short microlearning modules, videos, peer to peer tips and more.


  • Personalized Microlearning – Employees receive guided microlearning based on individual knowledge gaps and opportunities.
  • Peer to Peer Contributions – Employees share best practice contributions, tips, and personal learning experiences providing valuable input from peers.
  • Real-Time Performance Management – Employees see their data and performance in real time to stay focused on KPIs and maximize efforts for best results


The impact MSX has seen thus far with Centrical is twofold. First, it has given their client, Hyundai, full trust in MSX to be able to take them forward in their employee engagement and learning goals with Centrical.

Second, Centrical has immediately given MSX the intelligence into what is happening with the learners that will help them drive better business decisions and to perform better by helping their clients improve their business results.

“The platform with its focus on engagement and being able to recognize and reward people for that engagement and that performance in different ways, gives us the flexibility to tailor to those different learner groups as well as to the different brand preferences of our clients.” Deborah Mulholland, Director of Learning Solutions, MSX

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Published On: 22nd Jun 2023 - Last modified: 28th Jun 2023
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