Case Study: Payoneer Creates a Culture of Learning

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Payoneer’s 350+ customer care associates must be aware of changing regulations in financial services. As a global team providing round-the-clock support, daily face-to-face briefings were impractical. It heightened risks and the potential for non-compliance.

With Centrical, Payoneer cut the time to create new learning items in half and boosted compliance and post-learning assessment scores.

  • 53% – Less learning content authoring time
  • 90% – Average assessment score

“Employees’ engagement in the learning process is amazing.” Neomie Rothnie, QA Manager – Customer Care

Building Agility and Engagement Into Compliance Training

In financial services, getting a large team of customer care associates to complete compliance training and be up-to-date on regulations is a requirement. Not doing so can result in actions that can stunt a business’s growth and harm its reputation.

For Payoneer, which works with financial institutions across the globe and continuously changing regulations, compliance training has to be flexible, easy to create, and built in a way that ensures timely completion and engagement.

With Centrical, the time to produce new learning content was cut by more than half. Its intuitive authoring tools made creating new learning items a matter of minutes.

Beyond that, Payoneer found Centrical’s personalized microlearning, brief bursts of learning, prompted associates to engage with the learning content, absorb, and retain it.

In addition, advanced gamification mechanisms ensured associates got instant feedback and recognition for completing learning assignments and success on assessments.

The result – post-learning assessment scores and compliance with training requirements improved substantially, and the success rate for completing daily learning reached 90%.

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Published On: 3rd Apr 2023
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