Customer Satisfaction Measurement Methods That Are Key to Your Business

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Dániel Severa of VCC Live shares his advice for measure Customer Satisfaction (CSat) within your organization.

In our ever-competitive world, unhappy customers will never buy from you again. That is why keeping customer satisfaction high should be one of the main goals for any business that wants to strive in the long run.

Let’s show you some of the most important customer satisfaction measurement methods your business can utilize.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The most popular way to measure customer satisfaction is definitely through customer surveys, and there’s a good reason for that.

Usually carried out after customers make a purchase from you, and normally consisting of a few brief questions, they are the most effective way of asking for your customers’ honest opinion on how satisfied they are with your products or services.

Customer satisfaction surveys will not only show you whether your services are good enough, but also provide you with some of the most valuable business insights you can gather.

By analyzing survey answers, you can define your business’ weak points and create a plan to address the issues repeatedly mentioned by your customers.

Surveys are a popular form of measuring customer satisfaction as they are an effective method for collecting customer feedback. With advanced survey tools, such as Survey Monkey, allowing you to build surveys in as little as a few minutes, it is also a quick and easy process.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score is another very popular customer satisfaction metric. It measures customer loyalty by asking them how likely they are to recommend your products or services to someone else, on a scale of usually 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.

NPS helps your business examine customers’ loyalty to your brand, while also showing whether your products or services are good enough to create a strong and consistent customer base.

When analyzing NPS results, divide customers into different groups based on their ratings. For example, customers who rate your services between 9 and 10 are considered promoters who are very likely to recommend your business.

On the other hand, if you see a large number of customers rating your business between 0 and 5 it clearly shows that your brand reputation needs significant improvement.

The main advantage of Net Promoter Score is that instead of focusing on a single interaction it measures customers’ overall satisfaction with your business.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

CSAT is a simple and effective customer satisfaction metric that asks your customers to rate how satisfied they are with your business on a scale typically ranging between 1 – 3, 1 – 5 or 1 – 10.

The smaller the number range you offer, the easier it will be to analyze the results.

Customer Satisfaction Score examines how satisfied customers are with a business, and if they are not satisfied what action should be taken in order to improve the figures. This metric is normally used to help businesses evaluate and improve their customer retention rate.

As with surveys, CSAT is a quick, inexpensive and easy-to-understand way of collecting customer feedback. It can be also enhanced with additional questions encouraging customers to leave detailed feedback, which can be later used to improve your business’ overall customer experience.

Social Media Interactions

Over the last years the rise of social media platforms has completely changed the face of customer service, and paved the way for the concept of social customer service. Allowing customers to leave their opinion on your business’ social media channels is not an option anymore; it’s a must for forward-thinking businesses.

Luckily, the growing popularity of social media has also brought many benefits for businesses. Amongst other things, it is now the perfect platform to monitor what your customers are saying about your business.

Depending on your industry, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are all relevant channels to monitor, but you can also experiment with less popular platforms like Quora or Reddit.

How do you do it? My number one tip is to assign a person or a team to be responsible for not only reading and answering comments but also collecting valuable business insights from what your customers are saying.

My second tip is to try to make keeping track of your social inquiries easy by, for example, relying on a customer service software solution that can be integrated with your social media channels.

Keeping customer satisfaction as high as possible is vital, and an integral part of creating and keeping a loyal customer base.

Once you have your important customer satisfaction measurement methods up and running, make sure to systematically optimize them for better results. You’ll soon see how much it is helping you grow your business.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 5th May 2020
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