CX Network Live

14 – 17 July 2020 | Free Online Event

Enhancing customer experience through omnichannel integration, self-service and employee engagement

Contact centers are facing a period of significant change, largely driven by the pace of technology adoption.

With customer expectations shaped by the big tech firms, they now expect seamless experiences across all channels. Customers expect to have the option to resolve simple issues through self-service technology and, when needed, speak to a human immediately to fix more complex problems.

However, in contrast to the challenges posed by increasing expectations, technology also poses a significant opportunity for forward looking contact center managers. Robotic process automation is shrinking the administrative burden on agents, artificial intelligence is predicting customer intent at scale and chatbots are providing 24/7 support to customers.

Finally, with many predicting the demise of human agents, the reality is that the success of modern contact centers depends on successfully integrating new technology with a highly engaged, capable and customer centric workforce.

With that in mind, CXN LIVE: Contact Centers will focus on:

  • Customer self-service: reducing the friction of self-service channels to enhance the customer experience
  • New technology: leveraging Artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots to improve agent effectiveness
  • Omnichannel integration: designing a seamless and integrated experience across all contact channels
  • Staff engagement and retention: enhancing employee engagement through effective recruitment, training and change management

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Published On: 9th Jul 2020 - Last modified: 17th Jul 2020
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