Dissatisfaction (DSAT) Analysis

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DSAT Analysis

I was looking for some help on arresting DSAT’s through deep dive analysis though I have a structured standard analysis in place however I was looking for additional out of the box help.

If at all anyone can suggest, it would work great deal for me since it is one KPI that is running with turtle pace and I wish to show a positive trend for a technical campaign that address cloud queries for resellers.

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What is DSAT?

DSAT is a measurement in Customer Service, Contacts Centres or BPO. It is an abbreviation for Customer Dissatisfaction.

Typically is is used as a percentage of customers that are dis-satisfied.

It is in effect the opposite of the CSAT Score (or the Customer Satisfaction Score).

How to Calculate a DSAT Score (Customer Dissatisfaction Score).

It is simple to calculate a DSAT score  although there are two methods for calculating it.

Method 1 – Percentage of Unhappy Customers

You take a survey of the number of customers and work out the number of satisfied customers.

This can be done either on a 3 point scale – (Happy – Neutral – Unhappy) or a score out of 5 or out of 10. Most scales score a customer that gives a score as less than 6 out of 10 as being dissatisfied.

DSAT(%) = Number of Dissatisfied Customers Surveyed    X 100
Number of Customers Surveyed

Method 2 – Calculate the CSAT Score and take away from 100

So if you have a customer satisfaction score of 75%, your DSAT score would be

DSAT = 100 – CSAT = 100 – 75 = 25%

Here is an article on How to Calculate a CSAT score

First Try to Categorise In the CRM

I think that the first task that you should do is to categorise the types of Dis-satisfaction in the CRM system. You can do this with a reason code.

For for instance is it billing, price, customer service, service outage etc.

Once you have some of this detailed you can start to cross-correlate other problems.

You may also find this article helpful: Identify Your 3 Most Common Customer Issues, and Fix Them

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