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Are you ready to take your contact centre operations to new heights? Join Elevate ’24 – the leading contact centre conference that will empower you to transform your operations in the age of AI.

In a world where AI is not just a buzzword but a business advantage, the contact centre industry is undergoing a radical transformation. As we navigate this era, the need to stay ahead of the curve has never been more critical. That’s where Elevate ‘24 comes in — your opportunity to lead the way and stay competitive in the age of AI.

What is Elevate ‘24?

Elevate is your golden ticket to get front-row seats to the ever-changing world of CX. It’s a conference all about taking CX to new heights by utilising AI technologies and innovative CX solutions, empowering contact centre agents, and transforming your contact centre strategies. It’s also a unique opportunity for you to connect with industry peers and learn directly from people facing the same challenges as you. In short, it’s a must-attend event!

What to Expect

At Elevate ’24, every talk, panel, and workshop is an opportunity to harvest insights that will fuel your growth for years to come. Join our panel of CX experts and your industry peers as we explore AI’s transformative impact on customer experience. You’ll hear from industry leaders, Puzzel experts and our customers on:

  • Actionable strategies: Gain practical insights and strategies that you can implement immediately to enhance your customer experience and agent performance.
  • Harnessing AI and automation: Discover how to leverage AI to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and create more personalised customer interactions.
  • Empowering agents: Learn about strategies and tools that augment your agents’ skills, boost their productivity and help them focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional customer experiences. Discover how AI can enhance the agent experience, providing them with the resources they need to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • What’s next for the contact centre industry: Stay ahead of the curve by uncovering the latest trends, innovations, and predictions for the future of the contact centre industry.

Three Reasons You Can’t Afford To Miss It: 

Exclusive Insights From the Experts:

Learn from insightful presentations, panel discussions and inspiring keynotes. Hear transformational stories from Puzzel’s customers who have successfully harnessed AI to redefine their CX strategies.

Develop Actionable Strategies:

Gain practical insights that will empower you to elevate not just your customer experience but also your agent experience. Discover strategies that will drive growth and ensure your contact centre stands out from the competition.

Build Lasting Relationships:

Elevate ’24 isn’t just about learning; it’s about connecting. Meet industry peers and connect with contact centre leaders facing the same challenges as you. Engage in insightful discussions, participate in hands-on workshops and turn every handshake into a lasting partnership.

Elevate ‘24 is all about staying ahead. You’ll be equipped with cutting-edge strategies, learn from industry experts, and be inspired to elevate your customer service to unprecedented levels. Plus, you’ll stay ahead of what’s next in the ever-evolving customer service landscape.

But that’s not all. Elevate ’24 is coming straight to you! We’re hosting this half-day future-ready event in major cities near you – join us in London, Manchester, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm in May 2024. And here’s the best part – it’s all free!

Don’t miss this year’s hottest CX event. Spaces are strictly limited, so reserve your spot today!

Additional speakers and a full agenda will be announced over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for updates!


What is Elevate ‘24?

Elevate ‘24 is a leading contact centre conference taking place at various locations in Europe. The event is specifically designed for contact centre leaders who are looking to stay ahead of the curve and transform their strategies in the age of AI.

Is There a Registration Fee?

Elevate ’24 is a free event designed to bring valuable insights, inspiration, and knowledge to participants without any financial burden. We believe in making education and learning accessible to everyone, which is why there is no registration fee required to join the event. So, mark your calendar and get ready to elevate your skills and knowledge at Elevate ’24 without any cost!

When and Where Will Elevate ‘24 Take Place?

Elevate ‘24 will take place in person in May 2024 at various locations in Europe. Join us live in Oslo on May 2, Stockholm on May 3, Copenhagen on May 7, London on May 14, or Manchester on May 16.

How Can I Stay Updated About Event Details and Announcements?

To ensure you’re always in the know about the latest event details and announcements for Elevate ’24, we’ve got a few options for you:

  • Email notifications: Once you have registered for Elevate ’24, we’ll send you regular updates and important announcements right to your inbox!
  • Event website: Keep an eagle eye on the official Elevate ’24 event website. We’ll be posting all the latest news, schedules, and important information there for your convenience.
  • Social media: Follow us on LinkedIn and stay up to date with exciting updates, sneak peeks, and event highlights!

How Do I Reserve My Spot at Elevate ’24?

To reserve your spot at Elevate ’24, simply choose your preferred location on our website and click on the “Register now” button. Spaces are strictly limited, so reserve your spot now.

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