EvaluAgent Integrates ChatGPT in Industry First Milestone

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EvaluAgent has become the first to integrate ChatGPT into quality assurance call centre software industry wide – introducing SmartScore – a major milestone for the industry.

Its contact centre software, now with SmartScore – powered by ChatGPT, can intelligently score agent interactions at the click of a button, providing assessors with a fast and accurate tool to evaluate conversations. It will reduce the time it takes to evaluate calls with customers and improve the consistency of scoring.

Using ChatGPT, SmartScore can evaluate any conversation across any channel in less than 10 seconds, building custom scorecards and automatically sending ‘evaluations to be completed’ to assessors’ inboxes. It will use real-time reports, calibration, agent appeals and feedback to improve performance.

OpenAI recently launched its latest version of the game-changing AI model, GPT -4.

Jaime Scott, CEO and Co-Founder of EvaluAgent, said: “Innovation has always been a major focus for us so we’re thrilled to be the first call centre quality assurance software provider to successfully integrate ChatGPT.

It’s a major milestone for the industry and will make a huge different to our clients’ businesses; not only in the nuts and bolts of quality assurance, but also in retaining good people.

It’s game-changing technology that gives our clients a significant competitive advantage, enhancing efficiency and helping deliver excellent customer service.”

SmartScore launches to EvaluAgent customers in April 2023 and quality teams are encouraged to trial it for free.

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Published On: 28th Mar 2023
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