Recorded Webinar: Tune up Your Contact Centre Performance


In this webinar, we look at ways to tune up your Contact Centre to make lives easier for customers and the call centre easier to operate.

Topics Discussed

  • Tips on how to improve contact centre performance
  • Personalisation
  • Reducing customer effort
  • Multi-channel strategy
  • Motivating agents
  • How technology can improve performance
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Panellists

    Martin Hill-Wilson - Headshot
    Martin Hill-Wilson
    Brainfood Consulting

    Jeremy Straker - Headshot
    Jeremy Straker

    Jonty Pearce - Headshot
    Jonty Pearce
    Call Centre Helper

    Author: Megan Jones

    Published On: 1st Nov 2015 - Last modified: 28th Feb 2023
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