Full-Time Workers Are Not the Most Productive


In a surprise result to our poll, 45% of respondents said that mid-time workers were the most productive.

At the other end of the scale, part-time workers were only voted most productive by 1% of respondents, significantly less than the percentage who stated that full-time and mid-time workers were more productive.

Poll – “Which Group of Workers Are More Productive?” – Answers

  • Full Time (35+ hours per week) – 40%
  • Mid Time (16-35 hours per week) – 45%
  • Part Time (less than 15 hours per week) – 1%
  • Don’t Know – 14%
Productive Worker Poll Graph

Source:  Call Centre Helper Poll (conducted on LinkedIn)  Sample size – 147  Date: November 2021

Published On: 24th Nov 2021
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