Genesys Unveils New Artificial Intelligence-Powered Routing Engine

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Genesys introduced a new routing engine at CX18, its annual customer conference taking place this week in Nashville.

Powered by new Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, Genesys Predictive Routing uses historical performance data and matches customer and employee attributes to predict which contact centre resource is the most likely to achieve targeted business goals.

With Predictive Routing, Genesys pushes its existing customer experience leadership further. The routing engine enables organisations to improve their sales, marketing and service strategies — such as boosting customer satisfaction, increasing employee efficiency, reducing costs, bettering collections and revenue, lowering handle times, and improving First Contact Resolution (FCR).

The benefits of Predictive Routing are evidenced through Genesys customers with early access to the technology. Leading Canadian communications and media company Rogers Communications, Inc. increased retention by nearly 3% and reduced average handle time by 7% with Genesys Predictive Routing.

Kevin Jolliffe, Vice President of Enterprise Planning for Rogers, said, “Predictive Routing is a practical and powerful way to use machine learning to align customer intent with the best equipped agent.”

“We see great potential in using the Genesys solution to deliver smarter and faster service that respects our customers’ time, sets our employees up for success, and produces stellar outcomes for our business.”

Rogers is not alone with these impressive gains – other Genesys customers have also made significant headway. A mobile telecommunications operator in Western Europe increased its Net Promoter Score (NPS) by four points, improved FCR by nearly 4%, and reduced average handle time by almost 3%.

In addition, an Australian telecommunications and media company achieved a sustained, all-time high NPS.

How Predictive Routing Works

While queue- and skill-based routing rely on static decision-tree logic and pre-set criteria, Predictive Routing uses historical and real-time data, along with AI. It continuously and automatically uncovers meaningful factors that influence the outcome of interactions between customers and employees.

Through AI, Predictive Routing builds models from aggregated customer profiles based upon favoured communication channel, product(s) purchased, past service requests, recent transaction activities, etc. This combines with employee profiles such as tenure, knowledge, skills, interaction history and business outcome data to predict the optimal customer–employee match for the desired result.

Customer and employee data models are continuously updated to improve the experience with every subsequent interaction.

Predictive Routing is now available for Genesys PureEngage and works across every channel – voice, text, webchat and social. Using its common microservices architecture, the company plans to roll out the capability to the PureConnect and PureCloud platforms later this year.

It is included in a broader collection of customer experience-focused AI innovations driven by the company’s Blended AI strategy, which combines bots and humans to solve customer problems faster. This is extended by Kate, the personification of Genesys AI, machine learning and real-time analytics, so organisations can deliver personalised, proactive and predictive experiences.

Merijn te Booij

“The Genesys routing engine has been the gold standard in the industry for years, and with this announcement we’ve further enhanced those capabilities,” said Merijn te Booij, chief marketing officer, Genesys.

“We’re looking forward to helping customers enable the most predictive experiences yet for every step of their customer journeys – even from the first moment they land on a business’s website.”

“We will continue to push boundaries by giving Kate rich listening skills and leveraging the capabilities of our recent acquisition, Altocloud.

“We are doubling down on AI through journey analytics, workforce management and more to ignite stand-out customer experiences every time, on every channel.”

New Features Added to the Genesys Customer Experience Platform

Predictive Routing is just one component of a broader Genesys Summer Release which comprises hundreds of new feature enhancements across PureCloud, PureConnect and PureEngage. It represents the first of two major market launches the company is delivering this year through its new bi-annual synchronised release strategy aimed at helping customers easily identify and begin using the latest releases from Genesys.

The Summer Release also includes the following significant enhancements:

Genesys Hub: New Genesys API integrations for asynchronous messaging apps from major providers allow businesses to connect with consumers on this emerging channel.

SMS Aggregation: Native to Genesys, this outbound SMS messaging option increases efficiency by eliminating the need for a third-party aggregator.

Dialog Engine: With natural language processing to detect intent, analyse sentiment and manage dialog, Genesys enables human agents and AI to work together seamlessly for improved conversation quality and reduced costs.

Workforce Management Forecasting: Fuelled by AI, the Genesys forecasting solution, delivered in the cloud, provides long-term planning and contact centre staffing capabilities.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 7th May 2018 - Last modified: 5th May 2021
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