Have You Started Your Christmas Planning Yet?

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With the Christmas period just around the corner, in September 2022 Marc asked our LinkedIn Community ‘Started your Christmas planning yet?’

496 industry professionals voted on the poll, and we wanted to share the results (and comments) with you.

Started Christmas PlanningResponse %
Not yet52%
Nearly there12%
All over it22%

With less than 3 months before the peak holiday season, a surprising 52% of respondents had ‘not yet’ started their Christmas planning.

When this figure is combined with the 14% who said ‘soon’, which suggests they have not really started planning, a total of 66% of respondents had not conducted any meaningful planning for the Christmas peak.

Only 34% of respondents said they had put together their Christmas peak plans, which is surprising considering how little time there is between now and then.

This could be due to a number of factors, and the most likely is that the unknowns of the last two years have impacted business decisions and they are looking to get more information to avoid shortfalls.

Alternatively, if peaks are consistently the same year on year, the need for advance planning is less necessary for some businesses and this could support the results too.


There were also a few insights that shed light on why so many have not yet started Christmas peak planning:

Matches Our Internal Findings

Somehow matches our internal findings as some of our retail clients delayed a bit their peak ramps compared to previous years.

Thanks to Emil

Planning Peak Without Covid Is New

I think the last few years have been dominated by unknowns, so planning peak without Covid is new to everyone.

Thanks to Marc

Source: Poll conducted in our LinkedIn Community Sample size – 496 Date: 2022

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 20th Oct 2022 - Last modified: 21st Oct 2022
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