How AI Is Revolutionizing the CX Journey

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Kevin McGachy, Head of AI Solutions at Sabio Group, takes a look at how artificial intelligence is revolutionising the customer experience journey.

The customer experience (CX) landscape is changing faster than ever, with new technologies emerging constantly. AI in particular holds huge potential to transform CX – but only if deployed carefully.

Indeed, that’s one of the key takeaways from a new ebook we’ve released at Sabio Group.

Entitled, ‘Revolutionising the Customer Experience’, the ebook provides guidance on leveraging AI and automation to improve customer journeys.

With so much hype around AI, the reality is that the technology itself is no longer the main barrier. The issue now lies in bringing together the right combinations of solutions, people and aligning business goals.

Integration Is Key

A key challenge is breaking down internal silos.

Most enterprises operate multiple systems that don’t integrate well – CRM, ERP, contact centre platforms, data warehouses and more.

To enable AI and create seamless omnichannel customer experiences, these systems need interconnecting. This allows key data to flow reliably across solutions, facilitating seamless and effortless customer journeys.

As a specialist customer experience AI solutions provider, we can help overcome these barriers.

With growing overlaps between vendors, choosing the right CX technology approach is tougher than ever – with options including single “walled garden” ecosystems or multi-vendor best-of-breed strategies.

But expert guidance enables organisations to navigate this landscape.

Driving Actionable Insights From AI

With AI projects dependent on quality data, getting an accurate and unified view of customer interactions is critical and this requires aggregating data from all channels and touchpoints.

Whether it’s call centre transcripts, CRM records or other sources, this data must be standardised. Only then can organisations derive actionable insights from AI.

However, businesses must be careful to avoid bias when training algorithms. If the input data has already been summarised or categorised by an AI, this can create feedback loops. Ongoing human oversight is essential to ensure fairness and transparency.

Our ebook also examines automation opportunities across the customer journey. While AI often grabs the headlines, intelligent process automation can streamline many customer-facing processes too.

This includes payment processing, onboarding and application handling – indeed automating the routine allows agents to focus on complex customer issues instead.

A Measured Approach

Ultimately, AI and automation must align to wider CX strategy and objectives, and customer-centric metrics taking precedence over operational ones is key.

Alongside hard commercial benefits, the report advises focusing on softer benefits like customer effort scores and satisfaction ratings.

With a measured approach, AI and automation provide a real chance to deliver personalised, frictionless experiences customers now expect.

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Published On: 25th Jan 2024 - Last modified: 30th Jan 2024
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