How to Calculate AHT Manually

Manual AHT Calculation
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How to Calculate AHT Manually

Hello Team,

Could someone please explain how to calculate AHT manually.

Question asked by Reshma


Not sure I understand the question.

AHT = Average Handle time.

Talk time + After work time.

More details in this article

How to Measure Average Handling Time (AHT)

With thanks to Dave

Hi Dave

Thank you for responding, I want to know the formula to calculate AHT with the metrice we get from ACD.


With thanks to Reshma

How to Calculate AHT Manually

The below metrics should all be available in your ACD

(Total_Talk_time + Total_ACW_time + total In_Hold time)/Calls Handled.

This will reflect the time to process one Customer.

With thanks to Michael


Yep… Assuming they use those and no for example ‘not ready’ AHT whilst nominally a very objective measure can sometimes turn into a subjective mess dependant on who’s…

a) Defining what AHT consists of for the company

b) Who’s being measured by it

c) Who’s targeted on reducing it.

d) Who’s bonus depends on it….

Oh if I had £1 for every definition of an Abandoned call I’d have err…£12.50… Seriously, people will try and define in the best light.

With thanks to Dave

What is the Use of AHT


Can anyone tell me what is the use of AHT, as i am not able to understand.



With thanks to kelly

AHT (Average Handle Time)

AHT (Average Handle Time) is a core and key measure for any contact centre planning system.

It tells you how long a call / item takes to deal with, NOT just the talk time. Effectively, it’s how long an agent is working and therefore unable to deal with a new ‘item’.

If you do not know this you cannot plan effectively.

Some centres use it as a personal agent target as well although this is normally deemed a ‘bad thing’ as it can force the agent into speed rather than service.

With thanks to Dave

AHT is Essential for Planning but Misused for Targeting Agents

I would second Dave’s post that AHT is essential for planning but misused for targeting agents. I would go further and say that I don’t think an agent should even know their own AHT. They don’t need to.


With thanks to Rob


Hi Reshma,

as Michael correctly said its (total talk time + total ACW time + total time on hold)/ calls handled.

AHT is the most important “efficiency” metric that drives the service performance.

You may also want to understand a bit more about weighted AHTs since most of the time “performance evaluators” have tendency to take avegrage of AHT for a period, that would be incorrect.

Let me know if you need more clarifications

With thanks to Pamposh

AHT (Average Handling Time)

AHT (average handling time) can be obtained by

total incoming calls number divided by total time of incoming calls for example

agent received 281 calls (incoming calls only )in 15h 20m 30sec first of all convert hours and minutes to seconds will be equal 55230 sec divided by 281(number of incoming calls ) will be equal 196.54 sec

With thanks to Hany

How to Measure Average Handling Time AHT

We have also written a comprehensive guide on the subject. It gives guidance on what should be included and excluded.

How to measure Average Handling Time AHT.

With thanks to Jonty

How to Calculate AHT

How to calculate AHT for Outbound agents from ACD?

With thanks to sudeep

It’s the Same Formula

It’s the same formula as in this article

How to Measure Average Handling Time (AHT)

From memory this comes off the Agent Split/Skill reports.

With thanks to Jonty

Average Handle Time Tracker

Average Handle Time (AHT) is how long it takes a agent to complete a certain task and help customer reach a resolution.


(Total Talk Time + Total Hold Time + Total after Call Work) ÷ Number of Calls = AHT

Improve the AHT:-

  • agent training process
  • Recording & monitoring calls
  • Call routing
  • Using a knowledge base
  • Use an internal communication system
  • Ensure customer information is always up to date


  • Assess employee performance
  • Determine staffing needs
  • Plan effectively
  • Reduce costs & increase revenue

With thanks to ADESH



With thanks to MALIK

Is There An Option to Calculate It Manually and Display In Gadget

I want to build a gadget which should calculate the AHT and display it in a Gadget without any DB interaction without CUIC integration.

Is there any option the API to calculate it ?

With thanks to Nivetha

You Would Need Some for of Real Time Or Interval Feed

I’m not sure which system you are trying to use but I would check if there is an API or typically some way of getting a report emailed every half hour.

For the calculations this article may be of use

How to Measure Average Handling Time (AHT)

With thanks to Jonty

I Want to Build An AHT Tracker Gadget

I want to build a gadget which should calculate the AHT and display it in the Finesse screen without any DB interaction without CUIC integration.

Is there any option the API to calculate it ?

With thanks to hyp

You Would Need to Look At the Finesse API

I doubt if you would get an answer for such a product specific question on this forum. You would need to look at the Finesse API.

With thanks to Jonty

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