Live Chat – Improving the Customer Experience

Join our chatroom discussion on improving the customer experience at 1pm (UK time) on Tuesday 29th September – featuring live video commentary from Jonty Pearce.

In this Live Chat, we will discuss:

  • The role of agent empowerment
  • The impact of metrics – good and bad
  • How to gather actionable insight from your customers
  • Initiatives and agent training exercises to create a customer-centric culture

In an ALL-NEW twist, our Live Chat will feature a running video commentary from Jonty Pearce and a select number of panellists.

The video feed will be visible from within the chatroom.

This Live Chat will take place @ 1pm (UK time) on Tuesday 29th September in the Call Centre Helper chatroom.

How do I take part?

Step 1: Follow the link below to add a reminder to your calendar.


Step 2: Sign into our chatroom @ 1pm (UK time) on Tuesday 29th September 2015.

The rules are nice and simple…

  • No commercial messages
  • Web addresses or emails only through direct messages
  • Keep it nice and polite

What is Live Chat?

Our Live Chat sessions are designed especially for our readers to share ideas with like-minded individuals.

The discussion will be led by the Call Centre Helper team and take place in the chatroom.

You will not appear on camera.

Published On: 23rd Sep 2015 - Last modified: 20th Jan 2019
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