Journey Excellence Score: The New Customer Experience Metric

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NICE have announced the Journey Excellence Score (JES), a pioneering new metric designed to precisely measure the quality of customer experience across multiple channels and in even the most complex interactions over time.

Incorporated in the latest versions of NICE Customer Journey Optimization solutions made generally available today, JES uniquely offers a consistent method of gauging customer experience, thus enabling organisations to easily and quickly identify gaps and bottlenecks in customers’ journeys, and allowing them to shape future journeys via the insights captured and by predicting potential outcomes.

Although many methods of customer experience measurement exist today, using one or even several of them still falls short of precisely representing service quality owing to low participation rates for surveys, lack of root cause clarity, siloed or single touchpoint views and outdated and ineffective post interaction measurements.

Reflecting the true state of service quality, the Journey Excellence Score metric by NICE Nexidia provides a unified, end-to-end view of customer experience across all touchpoints and relationships by combining hundreds of attributes from multi-touch interactions with sentiment scores and survey responses, as well as with qualitative and quantitative measurements of journey effort, such as the number of channels used, repeat interactions and duration of the journey and more.

Measures currently used to gauge service quality, such as customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT), average handling time (AHT), and sentiment analysis, are considered in the mix.

The innovative new metric also evaluates both past and present journeys to pinpoint the root cause of negative interactions and enable organisations to predict the likelihood of those journeys that may lead to undesired outcomes such as churn or complaints.

The result is a metric that not only mirrors the state of customer experience within the organisation but also offers insights for corrective action.

Uniquely, the Journey Excellence Score eliminates the need for skilled professionals such as data scientists or analysts to unlock insights from data.

The underlying information delivered via JES can be easily understood and value can be quickly derived without the need for additional staff.

Importantly, the new metric from NICE allows organisations to instil a customer-centric culture by providing a consistent measure of customer experience quality, helping them to baseline existing journey performance and prioritise improvement efforts.

Armed with these analytics, organisations can predict future outcomes and accordingly tap internal resources to address those areas they are most adept at, as well as realign omnichannel service outlets to improve customer experience.

Key capabilities of the Journey Excellence Score include:

  • Automatically calculates and delivers a precise measurement of customer experience / service quality for all customer journeys with the enterprise
  • Enables specific journeys (such as billing & payments, onboarding or technical support) to be individually scored and benchmarked
  • Provides trended reports to understand the effect of CX initiatives on journey quality over time
  • Proactively recommends specific areas for further investigation, such as “micro-journeys” that are triggering a low score

Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group, said, “Customer experience has come to the forefront in distinguishing industry leaders from followers.”

Miki Migdal

“As more organisations understand the prominence of customer experience as a key differentiator and prioritise it, innovative analytics solutions that help organise, analyse and operationalise customer journeys to drive the outcomes their customers expect will be critical to success.”

“The Journey Excellence Score enables service professionals to quickly identify and share any gaps and bottlenecks that need to be addressed within the customer journey in a format that can be easily understood.”

“I’m excited that the Journey Excellence Score is now available to enable organisations to move to the next level of sophistication in their customer journey analytics programmes.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 12th Nov 2018 - Last modified: 13th Nov 2018
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