Maintaining Service Quality Remotely: The Webinar Series On Demand Now

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In times like these, it’s easy to forget that it’s your front-line agents and team leaders who make the biggest impact on customer experience.

Showing support for remote working customer support teams, quality assurance and agent improvement platform EvaluAgent have launched a series of five 15 minute webinars covering challenges and solutions faced by customer service teams faced with working from home.

Customer support leaders must have the ability to maintain quality of customer service no matter the emergency, natural disaster or virus outbreak. They must also be able to support, motivate and coach their team, no matter the location.

EvaluAgent was built by a remote team, so they understand the complexities and unique challenges a remote team can face. From an increased need to communicate effectively, managing motivation remotely, through to maintaining service levels to customers. Being remote for extended periods of time can have all sorts of challenges and EvaluAgent are here to support you and your teams.

The series is available now on demand with ‘How to set up remote customer support teams for success’, hosted by CEO and Co-Founder Jaime Scott, plus:

  • 3 actions that will support team leaders in managing remote agents
  • Tips for providing feedback and holding effective 1:1 remote sessions
  • How to motivate remote customer support teams
  • 5 ways to embrace technology to support remote working

Given time is a valuable thing in a contact centre at the best of times, the sessions are limited to 15 minutes, meaning team leaders and managers can access the guidance quickly and get straight to implementing within the hour. Find out about the series here.

Jaime Scott shared his advice for newly remote teams:

“When we lose social interaction such as working remotely, it’s easy to become SILO’d and lose sight of the big picture. In times like these, it’s so important to take care of your team and your teammates.”

“Being remote for extended times can get lonely, as you’re losing a lot of social interaction when not being face to face. Make sure communication frequency is stepped up and try and utilise voice or video channels where possible.”

A headshot of Jaime Scott

Jaime Scott

“Embrace tools and technology to support this change in working environment. Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams. They’re all there to help you and your team to maintain your service levels and help keep the business going. Make use of free access to software that is quick to set up with 30 day access and monthly subscriptions.”

“We don’t know how long this period will last, so set your agents up for success from the start, keep them motivated and productive. It’s going to be a tough time for a lot of businesses. Remember your people are your biggest asset in times like these. Look after them and let them look after your customers, from wherever they work.”

To watch the webinar series click here!

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 25th Mar 2020 - Last modified: 26th Mar 2020
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