Not Ready Vs Logout

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Not Ready Vs Logout

Does the use of logout reason codes make a difference in the calculation of an agent’s adherence in WFM?

From the creation of our call center more than ten years ago, we have instructed our agents to log out instead of putting themselves in not ready. Recently, there have been some staff who contend that logging out instead of using not ready interrupts the agent’s session and prevents their adherence from being correctly calculated within the system? Is that correct and can I find this in writing so we can put this to bed in our agency once and for all.

Incidentally, we use CISCO Finesse in conjunction with a separate WFM scheduling product.

Question asked by Trish

You Should Use the States As Were Intended

Start of shift -> Login

End of shift -> Logout.

Start of break -> Break

End of break -> Ready

Going to a meeting -> Not ready

To get a definitive answer look at how the states are reported in the Cisco manuals.

With thanks to Jonty

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 4th May 2022
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