Playvox and Natterbox Join Forces

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Natterbox has announced a partnership with Playvox.

This strategic collaboration empowers contact centres around the world to navigate the complexities of planning, forecasting, and scheduling their workforce with ease, while maintaining operational excellence, reducing costs, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

With customers increasingly demanding hyper-personalized experiences across multiple channels, contact centers face growing challenges in optimizing their workforce to meet fluctuating demand.

By integrating Playvox’s cutting-edge WFM capabilities with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, Natterbox customers can enjoy unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their sales and contact centre operations.

According to recent studies, contact centers that utilize advanced WFM technology can experience up to a 25% increase in agent productivity and a significant reduction in costs. Through this partnership, Natterbox and Playvox empower contact centers to achieve these efficiencies and more.

With Playvox’s workforce engagement tools seamlessly integrated into Natterbox’s contact centre platform, managers will have the power to optimize agent scheduling, improve forecast accuracy, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Jamie Cooper, Chief Product Officer at Natterbox, expressed his thoughts, stating, “This collaboration with Playvox is a great milestone for Natterbox and our customers.

By combining our contact centre expertise with Playvox’s workforce management capabilities, our customers can have an all-in-one solution that not only streamlines workforce planning but also enables them to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.”

Louis Bucciarelli, Playvox’s CEO, also commented, “At Playvox, our mission is to empower contact centers to reduce costs and improve customer outcomes in the omnichannel age through our AI-infused solutions.

Our partnership with Natterbox aligns perfectly with our vision, allowing us to deliver an industry-leading, fully integrated solution that addresses the growing demands of modern contact centre operations. Together, we will bring enhanced efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction to the industry.”

Natterbox and Playvox will work closely together to ensure seamless integration of their respective technologies, enabling contact centres to enjoy the benefits of this collaboration.

As a result of this partnership, contact centres will have the tools needed to overcome workforce management challenges, unleash the true potential of their agents, and deliver remarkable experiences to their customers.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 29th Aug 2023
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