Over 60% of Contact Centres Measure First Call Resolution

A graph illustrating How First Contact Resolution is Measured: 39% don't measure it, 13% use a post call survey, 15% measure repeat contact reasons in crm, 24% ask the customer, 28% have no repeat calls in a given time frame

According to our poll, only 39% of contact centres do not measure First Call Resolution, with the remaining 61% using one of the four methods shown in the graph below.

Of these four methods, no repeat calls in a given time was the most popular method to gather data for the calculation (28%), whilst some contact centres use more than just one of the options below. This is highlighted by the fact the the percentages, given below, add up to above 100%.

Poll – “How do you measure First Contact Resolution” – answers

We don’t measure First Contact Resolution – 39%
Post call survey – 13%
Repeat contact reasons in CRM system – 15%
We ask the customer – 24%
No repeat calls in a given time frame – 28%

(Multiple answers were allowed during this poll, so the total does not add up to 100%.)

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: Improving First Contact Resolution     Sample size –  148     Date: October 2014

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 1st Jan 2015 - Last modified: 25th Oct 2021
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